LH Aug or J10 ACR

Should i get the LH Aug or the J10 ACR
i saw each of their gearboxes and the aug has a polycarb gearbox whereas the acr has a nylon gearbox. But i heard the acr is a pain in the ass to mod, but the aug has less aftermarket parts

Im Split on what to get

If they were my only two choices I would choose the J10.
Moding the J10 is not a pain, its basically a Gen 9 gearbox and mod parts are not hard to get unless your talking external mods then yes there is not a huge variety of mods.
The Aug is a pain to get anything for and a mate of mine broke the motor mount and can not get a replacement anywhere at all so now it’s basically useless.


i heard that getting the pinion gear and bevel gear to mesh in the acr is very hard

That seems very odd to me, Did they say why ?

the grip is built into the lower receiver

Ok well it is more difficult but not a real drama, you can still put something in from the top of the box to feel the bevel gear to pinion mesh or drill an inspection hole that can be plugged :+1:

yep cuz i already know what i want to get for it alloy barrel, new t piece, outer barrel stabiliser and bottom rails for the first wave of mods

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