LH honeybadger from te

Have to admit I’m kind of curious on this one. Lehui made. So no doubt it will feature an acrylic gearbox. That being said though. I find my aug and slr ak amazing.

One thing I find interesting is what kind of gel aid are they putting in their orange gels to make them shoot 60fps higher :joy:

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Must be Gilly juice

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There is a jet lighter at the muzzle.

I have lighter gas seeping into my cylinder and a micro switch in flash hider to set off a spark to achieve a extra 150 fps. Could turn up the gas and go sub sonic, but found the gels turn to ice balls and puts a hole in the fence. :wink:

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And gbu got that blaster did internal mods and a suppressor and marked it up to 1k+

Don’t forget that m4a1 have $450 new model Honey badgers in three different colours.

Yeah but they are wells, and parts are metal like Handguards and gearbox. A the gbu custom is 1150 with nylon body and a metal box.

The m4a1 ones are a nylon receiver, metal handguard and metal gearboxes

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Another TEH release where they couldn’t be fucked finding out what the internals actually are before they post up the ‘specs’ info. TBC in nearly every category. How bloody hard can it be to open one up, check what’s in it and then advise of specifications. Ffs.


Opening the box voids warranty :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I am also curious…
Anyone done a teardown on these?

Wanna be the first? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have it on my Ebay wishlist and one of the more reputable Ebay sellers offered me a discount.
Nothing substantial but it got me thinking… Tbh, I just like the integral suppressor. Its probably the only M4A1 that I find aesthetically pleasing.

Maybe they would agree to send me one for the purposes of a review? :thinking:
Since nobody wants to be the first and get burnt…

I’ve spoken to people that have used them instore and they are on the same level as the Sig 552. So in other words a complete POS

Dam… As in worse than the original AUG release from LH?

With the discount code you can get it for about 210. In a month or 2 if no ones taken a stab I might get one and rebuild it to see how it goes (the earliest I’d have the money). Tbh I quite like lehui stuff. They don’t always get it right first go but once rebuild they are quite a good blaster. Maybe this one fits that case too.

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Your right, they have a tendency to pick popular designs or models whilst being a bit niche at the same time because of the otb performance.
I am also wondering if it just needs the same treatment as the AUG?

What I’m kinda hoping. It’s just different enough and a small enough price to be maybe interesting

Confirmed to have metal gears and a mag prime. Now that’s not bad for the price.

Did you end up getting one ?