Lh kriss vector mosfet upgraded

hey my dudes
i just bought an upgraded mosfet for the LH kriss vector that im going to test.

Cool my dude let us know how ya go. Details my dude :v:

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yeh my dude ill post some photos of it now


Just looking up specs on it, auto pre feed.

Wondered why it’s missing the mag prime input, it’s auto pre feed, adjustable apparently. One less switch to break.
Only info I could find on it: T238 External Electronic Fire Control DTU Module with Overheat Protection and Pre feed Function for LH AUG Vector TAR21|Toy ■■■■| - AliExpress

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I really wish they wouldn’t scrub the chip markings

HOLD UP… how much? when? where? i need

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Yeah looked at it

@MASTR_BLASTR how did this go? Any updates? Will probably be in the market for a FCU for a vector I’m fixing up.

Hey mate I’m just trying to fit this WARINTEREST in a SLR so I can see if the rest of the SLR’s can have a better gearbox!

Then I have to build a TAR

So if hoping tomorrow I can have time for that. I really want to build and check it out! It been sitting here for ages!

I’ll try and work ASAP mate

All good, was just curious, need to get this one running first before I look at upgrades anway

Mate I’m hoping I can do it tomorrow

Today is the day we test my dudes!

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I want. Just put it up for sale already!

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Got mine running.
Was speaking with the tech at my local and he was saying the stock motor shaft is a tad shorter than a short 480 shaft, and that some metal gears are too wide at the inner axel part, not the part that goes thru the bushing, and can create too much friction, also they use a 10mm OD barrel instead of a 9/9.5 -_-

Yeh my motor is a tad too long! I feel like I’ll need to find a smaller motor!

The shaft is just a tad to long!!!

The stock vector motor feels like it has a bit of torque so I’ll see if it handles a good spring

So I swapped the pins over to the plug that comes with the mosfet.

Any problems I’ll just swap left to right

No to rip apart my vector!

The stock Vector motor is reasonably fast and has a fair bit of torque. I’ve got a Vector build that I did a while back that runs 13:1’s, m100 spring with stock motor and mosfet/FCU on 11v and puts out 21rps and I’ve put it through hell, dumped entire double drum mags, speedy boi finger bang the crap out of it on semi and even abuse the bust fire with 3 to 4 pulls of the trigger in under a second and it’s never missed a beat and takes that type abuse all day long and the motor shows no signs of damage or any signs of giving in. I’ve honestly been shocked buy the apparent quality of the stock Vector motor it’s a little work horse power house in my opinion or maybe I just got lucky.


Mate I’ve spun the cog with my finger and it seems almost as torquy as my M120! I’m going to try and burn it out but I have high hopes my dude!