LH Kriss Vector V2 recomended basic upgrade

I want some opinion on the basic upgrade that i can do for my KVV2. I am quite satisfied with it OOB performance but I’m planning to do some basic upgrade in the future but I’m clueless when it come to upgrading stuff.

I’ll be doing some minor mods this week, all I’m doing is a 1.2 or 1.25 spring, a green O’ring and a aluminium barrel, i may also replace the cylinder as well as i believe it’s a ported cylinder stock. Hop up will be next week hopefully. At this stage will more than likely run a 7.4 v battery to slow the rof down only using stock mag atm and to hopefully not fry the board in her.

I am not so sure if putting a portless cylinder in a Vector is a great idea? It has such a short barrel, the ratio must be 1200 to 1 because the barrel is so short compared to the cylinder size?

There is no point forcing a huge amount of air thru the system if only a small amount is needed? IE: overkill

Maybe having cylinders without ports is causing issues with fets and boards? Does anyone have a stock one and a modded one to compare?

I run a std ported cylinder in one and an un ported cylinder in the other.
Both work but I prefer the stock cylinder but the un ported blaster is quieter.
I can’t see how the cylinder would make a difference to the mosfet ?
I have had no issues with either of my stock mosfets.

Just by making the whole thing work so hard… pushing a full load of air thru the nozzle… enough air to push a gel down a 40cm barrel… thru a 2" barrel…,… then using 3S to get a greater rate of fire. Maybe the plunger risks getting caught by the gear while it is half way home so to speak.

I am only guessing, but there must be a reason for manufacturers to use ported cylinders… the port obviously reduces the amount of air to be pushed thru the system. I just look at it like if you need a cup of air to do the job efficiently, using a bucket of air will give no advantage?

Sort of like flushing the bog with a swimming pools worth of water . I doubt the manufacturers would bother putting a ported cylinder in for no reason.

My guess is the unported one is closing on a cushion of air… (or not quite closing completely) whereas the ported one is getting the piston completely home every time?

Interesting :sunglasses:

You are correct, the manufacturer makes it so it matches the barrel volume more closely but the un ported cylinder doesn’t seem to cause an issue with the short barrel by having more volume.
My guess is the ported will be faster on first half of compression and slower on the last half and the non ported will be slower on the first half and faster on the last half.
My plunger has never got caught by the sector gear while its halfway home.
I think a heavier piston would work better on an un ported cylinder with the short barrel creating more compression giving a higher fps idk.
But in my Vectors they both work fine :+1:

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I agree with Rattler on the standard ported cylinder,
Feeds gels much better and I have 27cm-30cm barrels.
Before anyone says it…
I know it doesn’t have the right barrel to cylinder ratio but more accurate (in my opinion) and feeds gels more consistent,
Vector gets tricky feeding gels consistent. With
(1.25 spring 11.1v battery and longer barrels)
I am obsessive though :thinking:
This is build number 2, I have pics of my other build with 1.3 spring and 35cm 7.0mm barrel but have gone with the advice of a few members and gone the 1.25 spring in from Xforce in both.


Hey mate have you got chrono results for for the 1.25? I’ve been eyeing one off for a while

Nah sorry don’t have chrono mate,
I’m a newbie 8 weeks in to blasters but have tried about 10 different builds in my first vector, finally hit the sweet spot, original ported cylinder , 1.25mm unequal spring (might even get a 1.2mm spring)
Green O ring ,nylon gears, 30cm barrel.
Cheap and effective upgrade.
Of coarse I have installed a easyfet v2 for reliability, but don’t need too, if not running it hard like I do.

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What??!! you have been into blasters for 8 weeks and you dont have a chrono? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You cant be fully addicted yet… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Don’t worry… it will happen (eventually) :rofl:

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I don’t have one and I have been blasting for 4months :thinking:

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My chrono turned up before my first blaster did! Haha

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Did you try shooting spit balls and other random projectiles through it? (I did… Fastest I could spit something out a pipe was 170fps)


the stock vector t and barrel is very good for this

Lol yeah keep looking at chrono but another upgrade gets in the way of buying one, really u can have a shit hot fps, but a crappy gun still (accuracy and reliability)
I am just sticking with what I know 1.2 to 1.25springs.
And air sealing all throughout gearbox.


so i’ve literally just finished one of these today…really basic upgrade from bits i had laying about

  • 7.5ID 375mm alu barrel into stock t piece
  • vector length 1.3 non linear spring
  • manually brutalised stock piston head - performs amazingly well
  • oring
  • full SS cylinder
  • and a panthur hopup i had laying around

laser accurate to about 15mtrs and by 20mtrs i’m getting about 4-6" spread.

plenty of goodness to be useful at range for targets hiding behind things…

this is my sister’s virgin blaster tweak before she decides whether to go dmr or cqb with it…i’m guessing dmr with the barrel length.

but for such a small change in componentry the performance gain is substantial.

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