Light Function Question

Hi all, I bought the light in the attached image and am curious if anyone knows how to stop it cycling to strobe? It seems every time I turn it off it rotates to the next setting. Solid > Strobe > Solid etc. Am I missing a pressure pad for it? Unsure. Thanks for any help.

I could be wrong but I believe that’s the way the board’s designed and can’t be changed. I’ve seen these online but it never occurrred to me that the function would be sequenced like that. :thinking:

Luckily there are some crazy skilled people on here when it comes to electronic mods, maybe they’ll have a solution for you. :+1:

Thanks for the insight! Hopefully someone can help me out. Sadly it didn’t come with batteries so couldn’t test while in the store.

The board mod would be terribly fiddly and require jumping the strobe transistor inputs into the light input.

It’s something I would only recommend doing if you have a good understanding of circuitry and allot of curiousity and patience

And the tools to match

But loosely…you’d find which transistors lead to the strobe being active. There should be a small capacitor on the line.

Then you’d bridge that from the transistor input past the capacitor (responsible for the blink pause blink) where the strobe and light circuits meet up again

Yea, it’s one small piece of wire but you absolutely have to get it right.

Of…and if it’s a fancy stone using an IC as a timer, it’s a while other ball game but still a small piece of wire

EDIT: this is a similar fix to the g18 mag prime board fix - and I CBF doing that again :rofl:

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I have a torch that does that, bright -dim - dimmer - flash - off . But sometimes I can get it to turn off without going thru the cycle of I hold the button down for about 2 seconds. Maybe try that :flashlight:

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I ended up taking it back and went with something else. :slight_smile:

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They should come on in the same mode that you turned it off, or reset to the first in the sequence.

But you have to leave it off for 2 or three seconds at least. Otherwise it will cycle modes.