Lipo battery’s that actually last mpx/titan

Hey everyone just curious on what battery’s your running in your blasters that actually have a decent capacity or play time ?? Im even considering getting a completely different stock to fit an extra large battery and my current one only gives me 30mins at best

I run a pair of Turnigy 3s 1200s but just ordered a few of 18650s recommended on another thread

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You can fit bigger batteries externally… you can also get fake optics that conceal a battery. I have even seen those under stock grinade launchers (obviously the launcher doesn’t work)

There is really no reason to stop you having a gigantic battery in your back pack/bum bag (fanny pack) and a cable plugged into the blaster… laughing%20(1)

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Good for a large battery. Sturdy solid and looks good. Fortunately this stock comes with nice padding to keep your battery knocking about

I have one but it doesn’t have the padding inside. It will be easy to figure something out to protect the battery, there’s plenty of extra space. Fits this huge 7.4v

in it too!

That’s awsome how long does it last ? And wonder if it would hold a 6000

sorry should clarify. I used the packing the stock come in to make internal padding.

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Ahh, got ya. What battery did you use?

I’m sorry, I guess I don’t know how long it would last because I only use it for testing (it was part of a wrong order) I guess your motor gearbox combo could make a big difference to power consumption too. Would you like dimensions of the inside? I’ve seen a few of these around but I think this one was actually from Zhenduo in ebay.

Yeah would be awsome
If you could take the measurements and let me
Know … and if your interested in selling yours just say haha