Long Barrel XTP

Woops… Seem to be missing my m4 barrel now though haha.
Just gotta get myself a riser hop up and a suppressor that fits over the top of it all now.

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Wish we could get these in with the 7.3 barrel

Same I think everyone at this stage with an xtp or similar has looked at that exact product now haha

Buy an ■■■■■■■ specific mag and control grow your gels to 6mm and give it a shot?

Is the nozzle any different ?

they would be hard hitting gels at 6mm

Our nozzles have a width of 7.3 , any idea would the a s version nozzle is

Nozzle looks slightly different. Evike have replacement xtp nozzles on their website

Am I the only one who doesn’t want a suppressor on my Shark? Lol


Nope , Me too :+1:

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you know you want it

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