Long Range and accurate build

Hey, im a new guy here, i had an Alpha king AK74M

-7.0/45cm Fighting Bro inner barrel
-LDT milkies/AKA Harder Gell (Teenacity)
-1.3 Unequal Spring
-Green O Ring

  • Rizer V1
    (But im the accuracy is so messed up)

I want to rebuild this gel blaster for outdoor gameplay, what build did you recommend for long range and good accuracy? Such as like barrel diameter, spring, etc

Also what barrel that suit the AKA Teenacity Harder Gel (Matte gel ball/Mad?), because im using the 7.0 barrel and its stuck…

I try to change the barrel to the standard Alpha King ones, but RIP Accuracy

Can you guys share, what can i do to build a long range gel blaster, with decent accuracy for outdoor gameplay?

Hey and welcome to the group! :+1:

You didn’t mention what FPS your blaster’s putting out, with the mods you’ve done I’d imagine it’s pretty high. :thinking: seems the sweetspot for accuracy is around the 280 mark for most blasters, but it’ll vary.

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Having a gel blaster and wanting it to be accurate… is like saying “When I grow up, I want to get into gel blasters”…

Unfortunately, you CAN"T do both… :nerd_face: :money_mouth_face:violin laughing (1)


It’s an inexact science and what works for one may not work for another. Plenty of trial and error in gel blasting.

I know what combination works better as a starting point.
Beyond that, finding the best gel, barrel, spring and hop up combination can be a bit like trying to get 4 cats to line up for a photoshoot.


I’ve noticed temperature variation effects fps by 20-30, for another variable. Higher in cold, lower in heat.


Unfortunately in my experience you can’t getboth with gelblasters. You either have distance and fps or you have accuracy… i try to build all my blasters on the sweet spot. My longer range blasters will drop gels at 35m on a body sized target (within a foot).

Theres no sure fire recipe though its all about airseal, cylinder volume to barrel length, nozzel tpiece match and most importantly gel consistency and growth. There is some great threads on this forum about cylinder vol to barrel ratios which i recommend looking at. As for gels i suggest harder gels (ak, ultras or even aus gel armor tech and control the growth matching to your barrel diameter. After about 1:45 hrs check every 15 min by taking your barrel out and running the gel down it. You are lookibg for a very small halo of light around your gel to give a cusion of air support. Drain dry and store in an airtight container.

As an example one build i have that is probably my most accurate is as follows;
-Gen9 base
-16.1 cast gears
-m100 lonex spring
-standard brass 100% cylinder
-brass double o ring nozzel and head

  • 8 hole silent piston head with brown oring
    -350mm x 7.5 alloy barrel (shamfered tip for dispersion)
  • black chai motor (equivilent)
    -dk10 screen printed hop up

This blaster gets me 30 m with no spread and quite a fast rate of fire using armour tech white grown for 1:45…

Happy experimenting

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How long would you typically be able to keep the gels after growing?

They are usually in optimum condition for about 4 weeks if kept in an airtight container, After that you start to get a few that become soft and explode in more high powered builds. Also best made 24 hours before use…

Thank you for the tips. I was very confused why a lot of advice I was seeing online was saying to store them in an air-tight container with water? I thought they would keep growing if we did that?

Also, with the drying side of things - do you just use paper towels or something else? is there any good techniques to dry them all?

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Thank you! Ill try this one

Gels have a finite full grown size, they can only absorb so much water. If you soak for four hours or overnight you’ll get the same result. It’s the shortening of the soak time that gives you the lattitude to experiment with gel sizes. Shorter soak time, smaller gel. Might be useful for tight bores or some pistols. Keep in mind that if you store those smaller gels in a bottle with water they will develop to their full size anyway.

Which is just as well, because if soaked gels kept developing in size the longer they’re soaked, those of us that soak overnight would be running around with RPGs and tennis ball sized gels. :joy:


@Friendly-fire is spot on. They grow to a certain size. Growing to this method just limits their size and makes them more dense / harder. I find they work better but everyone will tell you something different…

To dry them i am pretty lazy… i chuck them all into a colander and let drain for 10 min (mixing around with my hand to allow the water to work its way down). Then just pat down with paper towel as i transfer into my gel drum :).

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I’ve found using two strainers works well when you’re drying gels… straight into one, then into another lined with paper towel… sometimes they go into a bottle with holes in the lid to get the last bit of water out too.

High FPS blasters need drier gels if that hop up’s gonna do anything… really wet gels don’t allow enough grip with 300+FPS units.