Long range sniper rifle

Any advice on a sniper rifle that is accurate for 15 to 20 m, suitable for scaring $#2ks from our pool, as well as our neighbours roof. I have an M4A1, that I have put a new barrel in, but they just fly over to our neighbours roof.

Gel blasters are notoriously not so accurate… not sight accurate one shot at a time…

You would probably be better spraying it with something like a Gen 9 with a decent rate of fire…

Maybe someone on here can advise you of what they have that is accurate. It would be good if a blaster could be made accurate…

Thanks for that. They make them sound accurate.

Wow, I thought someone would have chewed me out by now?

Maybe someone has built a gel blaster sniper type that is somewhat accurate? Hopefully someone who actually has built one will chime in?

15 - 20m is not a long distance, maybe a single gel, bolt type could do the job at that range… but I am sure an electric blaster would do the job :+1:

Don’t make a decision based on my opinion alone… wait until you hear what others have done in making one accurate enough…


Feedback is what I’m after given an M24 seems to be @ $86 atm.

Yeah, for that money, I would be giving one a go… you can get upgraded bolts, springs and things from ebay as well. I think the code PATPAT is still current until September 1… 5% off or so… PAPA20 might still be going for fathers day too… if you could get an M24, bolt and spring for 20% off… that would be a score :+1:

Come on guys, surely someone has an M24… are they any good? Anything like reliable at 15 - 20m?

Any other ebay codes running? noidea pop

Darug would like to know… before the cat lands


There is this combo deal here for $95

I have those Gl0cks… you have to rack each time… I think they use 6mm gels… I can’t remember (useless) real toys (embarrassing) IMO. I only got one out of the bag to try… the others are still in their bags. I think you would wish you had an electric one after 30 seconds.

I have bought from Zhenduo006 before, they are great… If I were you, I would just get the cheapest blaster from them, a spring, a bolt upgrade… then the heavy milkies and try the codes to get 20% off (PAPA20 if it is still going)

If it is, put all of the things you want in your cart and apply the code to all at once.

But wait until someone who has one of these and if upgrading is needed/helps before you buy one… and see if anyone has any codes for discount.

Also, wait to hear others opinions on the toy G 17… some people might like to rack it every shot… I don’t… I don’t think you will like it either…

Hopefully others will chime in? Hopefully soon :sunglasses:

Edit: Here is a thread from here… do a search for M24 on the forum… there is a bit of reading there…

They all seem to be chasing accuracy over 15m or so…

Dumb question, but are your neighbors ok with you shooting towards their house…

You know just in case the popo turn up…

It’s vacant at the moment. The owner is going to do it up and sell it.
All the same I don’t want other neighbours to see all these pellets flying through the air, hence my interest in the sniper rifle, if it has a decent range over 15 to 20m.