Long time member first time posting

Hi guys,

Though its about time to say hi after spending way to much time in the shadows on the forums learning all thing gelball.

Recently retired my first stock gen 9 unit with something more substantial and am keen to get out on the fields.


Welcome and remember to submit your nude pics to the moderator
Because there a sick bunch of bastards
Don’t forget to ask questions
For every 20 answers one will actually be of any use
Also this picture best describes what to expect from the group :smirk:


BAHAHAHA, I laughed way to hard at the stick figures.


Enjoy anyway

Ban the man no feet in pic equals no good

Nice! What’s the rifle?

The base rifel is a dark earth Classic Army M4.
Ive added a leupold red dot, stubby fore grip, 19mm fake look supressor with hopup inside, light and lazer.

For the pistol its a jg hi capa to which ive only added the light. Still looking to find a good hardshell holster that it will works with it

I can see by how many blasters you own you are in what we call the infant group
The group go as follows
Infant:1-3 blasters
Beginniners: 4-8
Semi pro : 9-16
Pro: 17-25
Tragic: 26-34
Bat shit crazy : 35-42
Seek medical advice:. 43-100


What if you are @davbot and cleared the 100 mark? :rofl: :rofl:

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100+ well fuck it where all going to die anyways

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Are you saying gel blasters are the new NFTs?


I’ll be stepping over you to the frontline sunshine :+1:

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Cool. What do u think of the M4? How is the fps and accuracy?

I really like it. Its chalk and cheese to my old gen 9.
Shoots nice and straight and didnt need a lot of adjustment to the hop-up. Overall build quality is very nice and solid.

The keymod rail is a bit hit and miss with some of the picatinny attachment rails. Really depends on what type screw hardware they come with.

Knowing that now getting an mloc rails would have been a better option. All in all though I really like m4

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What’s the holo on your long stick? Looks good, Leupold knock off I presume, but what model. I am a fan of chunky optics on tacticool stuff

I would look on ali express for some key-mod specific rails and grips.

Sexy setup, the more i look at then them more i want a tan setup…

Oh and how is the sight? And did you manage to site it in?

I have a bunch of red dot sights and getting them to actually sight in can be a little hit and miss

Is it this one at TEH? Amazing price.

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Thats the one. Actually I ended up getting 2. 1 x tan 1 x black for my boy. I also got the red dot from TEH as well

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Not sure of the exact model. But is wae from TEH.

I havnt messed with the sight. It was mor just stick it on and go. Im hitting close based on some backyard testing.

I might have to try online. Im a bit oldschool though like to support local brick and morter shops. Plus there are some really good shops local to me