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Damn! :yum: Nice.

Im the same, but some stuff is just too hard find locally, at a fair price.

And alot of the really cool stuff doesnt get here due to stupid minimum buy quantities for local suppliers.


okay thats all for now come scream in my thread if you wanna be part of strangers I know the names of club, such as tigger and rattler and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


okay I might be bad with names but feel free to scraem anyway

Looking good! :+1:

I’m curious about the hop up inside the suppressor as I’m attempting (badly) the same thing.
What’s the outside diameter of the hop up and inside diameter of the suppressor?

Cheers :slight_smile:

The ID of the supressor is 33mm and completely holo down its length. The OD of the hopup im using is 16mm.

Im looking to now get a longer inner barrel as a have about 55-60mm of space internally. Im thinling it might be better to push the hopup closer to the end of the can

Huh settle pettle LOL

Also welcome back Kelimna. Nice rigs :+1:

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