Longest Range/Most Accurate Sniper?

Looking to get a long range blaster.
I’m tossing up between the M24, Swift Hawk 702 and the AWM.

I have no issue in modifying to increase performance… more so just want a blaster with a high potential for accuracy and range.

Need advice from the more experienced. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I bought a M24 yesterday, after a few shots i pulled it apart and replaced it with 7.5mm ID barrel i got from bunnings, had to take off .5 mm to fit the hopper, i got the 1.5 mm spring but it feels to heavy for the plastic piston so i’m getting the 1.3mm in the next few days

You can buy the metal upgrade kit that comes with barrel n a few other parts.

The M24 seems to be the easiest gel sniper to upgrade and also has a lot of popularity.

I have read that the accuracy with a decent scope or even without one is good but I’ll need to do some modding for range extension.

How do you find the M24 overall out of box?

Out of the box im happy for the price
Its a rip off version VSR-10 they have the same parts
The only difference is the VSR 10 is all metal that shoots bb’s

There is a few other threads on this question… The answer is still the same… gel blasters will never be sight accurate over any distance because of how a round, soft, gel ball with little mass flies after leaving a smooth bore barrel…

I’m aware of that… Not meaning to sound rude or disrespectful but your statement is irrelevant to my question.

The accuracy will never be %100 with a gel ball, that’s obvious. I asked for people’s thoughts on the highest potential.


I ended up buying an M24 at what is a decent price. Any suggestions for upgrades?

Just go the metal upgrade bolt kit with the standard spring and a 10mm garden hose spacer. Metal barrel and a good hop up. Will go pretty good but dont expect to use it at a games. 1 rps vs 20 to 30rps… no competition.