Looking for advice on first blaster - must have single fire!

I’m looking for a good quality first blaster. Preff a snipe or rifle. Been looking at the JinMing M4A1 Gen8 which looks great but it doesn’t have single fire. I like that’s built well & responds to mod easily.

Pretty much want something that can single fire & mod down the track without spending heaps on my first blaster. You lads sound like you know these inside out, so I’m hoping someone will be able to give me some advice


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Try a Vector for reliability and great out of box punch, gen 9 m4 is better imho for performance, as it’s the current model g/box.
If you want distance and accuracy you will need to mod any blaster. A basic hopup and oring with upgraded spring generally does wonders…
Everyone gets an m4 man, be different and go the Alpha King AK74MS, 280fps consistently out of the box and it’s based on a v3 box which is the “cutting edge” technically! It’s a kick ass blaster!
I love my Azraels Armoury MPX as it’s the best full metal blaster on the market.

Also I have the ACR J10 which is nice with o ring and hopup and 11.1 volt Turnigy battery.
Lots of things to consider mate!

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The JM Gen9 M4 is a good blaster for the price, which is dropping as more newer blasters are released.

The LH Vector V2 is great too (has single, burst and full auto fire modes) but is a bot more expensive than a Gen9 M4.


Like you I am new to this game, my first blaster was a M4 Gen9, bought it at the EOFY sale TEH had, you can now buy the same blaster full retail cheaper that I got mine for with the 30% off discount they ran. I have since built a UMP-45 from scratch, and am currently building another M4 around V3 gear. So welcome to the hobby and the forum, this is a fantastic group here, all the members here have been more than happy to help me on this journey, and still do to this day. BUT if I may paraphrase from Winston in John Wick, “You dip so much as a pinky into this pond… you may well find something reaches out… and drags you into its depths.”


For cheap and cheerful, with plenty of scope for upgrades (at a Cheapass price…

You cant go past a Gen 9 or J10… whichever you like the look of… I think a J10 is a good first one… would be my choice… it doesn’t have that ‘evil’ appearance that the wowsers love to hate…:roll_eyes:

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Thanks everyone, I ended up purchasing a gen 8 to try before everyone started replying to my thread! Damn. Thinking I should have purchased a gen 9 now!


HAHA… another Addict laughing%20(1)

It is actually illegal to have only one blaster anyway, I believe… immoral anyway, at least… so, you MUST get more anyway… so, keep your Gen 8… put a real seal in it and a 1.3mm spring… and keep it reliable and always ready to play with… (old faithful)

Then, get a Gen 9 and a J10… to mod… Go on… you know you want to… Looook into my eyes… you are getting sleeeeepy… :+1:


My UMP 45 is an all nylon Gen 8 box. You haven’t made a bad choice You just don’t have the single fire, that’s the main tradeoff, and as @Calcifer said above green O ring, 1.2 or 1.3 spring and possibly an alloy barrel and you will have a very good blaster to start with.

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Use ya finger,
Press Once for single.
Hold release for burst.
Hold for auto.
I like simplicity.
Everyone to their own.