Looking for someone southern adelaide with experience

Hi there, i’m still fairly new to blasters and was keen to see if anyone who lived in the southern adelaide region would be keen to catch up and have a modding session. I’m looking to soak up as much info as i can as all my mates are even newer than me to this (i may or may not have got them into it myself :wink: )
I’m usually free a few hours on weekends mostly sunday and would be happy just to chat about all things gel. i’m sure you will be able to point out all my blaster issues for me.

Hey mate, I’m located in Croydon near the CBD that close to you? I can help ya with all the basics but wouldn’t consider myself professional. Which blasters are you looking to mod? Happy to help out if I can.

hey dude, croydon is not too far at all, i’m at woodcroft but hey its adelaide its all close right? I have a j9 m4 which is my go to blaster and i have a project p90 which is my time eater and money pit.