Looking for the entire basic outer casing for a gen 8 M4A1 or ACR, for painting and cannibalization

looking for the entire outer basic casing for a gen 8 M4A1, for painting and cannibalization any suggestions in oz or sellers?

if its just for painting and customizing, go with a cheap one from mabye monkee mods or ebay.

Do you know if it would get passed customs?

there are many ebay sellers based in australia, there should be no problems as long as what you are buying is legal, ive bought a couple of cheap gen 8s from ebay and have never had a problem.

Buying receiver from oversea could be problematic… Some of the member have had their metal receiver confiscated by custom, but that’s metal receiver, no sure about nylon ones tho

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When you say entire, do you mean just the receiver shell or are you after a complete M4 ( handguard, receiver, buffer tube, stock) minus the gearbox? :thinking: