Looking for this blaster or manufacture. Help Please

Hi. I have been searching for a manufacture or supplier of this particular Its a G18 with a carbine and other accessories. I believe the manufacture may be Bing Feng but not sure and i cant find a website address for BingFeng either.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here you go


Hi,I am the gel blaster suppliers in CHina,sell parts and gel blaster,if can know you whatsapp or skype,then send to you our stock and price list.

Any one got any idea why my post was taken down???

It belongs more in a vendor category.

the response containing the vendor explicitly answered the initial question exactly which is why it was left there.

this latest post is a bit less to the question == sales-ee

Rgr that.
Cheers for the info.
Guess I should have just put up the picture of the item.

yar. didn’t even register that it was you m8 :slight_smile: