Looking to buy an MP-5, would like some info

G’day, I’m going to be getting myself an LDT MP-5 soon, just looking for some info first, are there any bugs or problems so far I need to worry about/be prepared for? and when will LDT release the series of attachments and conversion kits they announced? I’d love to convert mine to an MP-5SD with an integrated suppressor and collapsible stock.

I have one with metal gears & drum mag - the version released after the initial stick mag release. I haven’t had any problems with feeding as some people have reported. I’m currently using tactoys comp gels.
No hand guard wobble either. Very sturdy.
I was expecting more external metal parts like the HK416, but the MP5 is completely nylon, with only metal iron sights. It is still very nicely weighted though.
Speaking of iron sights, they are awesome. 4 way adjustable and very easy to point.
In terms of mod versatility, there’s not much out yet except for the police/tactical flashlight integrated hand guard, scope mount & retractable stock.
Accuracy is ok - still need to play around with the internal hop up.
Another thing, it’s a lot louder than the other ldt blasters - probably due to the metal gearbox?
Overall, really happy with it and worth the money.

PS: I’ve ordered some stick mags from ali-express, I’d be curious to see if they feed properly. They do look a lot better than the drum mag.

As soon as a suppressed barrel comes out I’ll be straight onto that like you.

cheers for the info mate, good to hear it doesn’t have bugs like the early HK-416Ds had, when I get one I’ll be sure to stock up on stick mags, Zhenduo has them for only $30 and they’re pretty reliable seller, I hope the suppressor doesn’t take too long, I can’t wait for it. Again, cheers for the amount of info, I’m real keen to get one now.

Basically what Lozza said. I cheated out and got the nylon gears for some stupid reason :roll_eyes:. I’d recommend making sure you get the metal if you get one. I think nylon is going to strip too easy with the simulated blowback using the piston. I’ve already gone through one set. Admittedly it was the bearing going out which caused it though. I have a full breakdown in another thread and a seperate thread for the feeding issues if you get them in yours. As for parts I’m waiting to make mine an mp5sd as well. The only 2 things that disappoint me with it is there is such a good charging handle and no mag prime. Something I’m currently working on and the fire select is very unfriendly and I’m not a big fan. But otherwise I think it’s an amazing blaster.

As to the noise. A good part of that is the blowback unit. It’s loud :joy:

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Any idea on when the MP5SD intergratted suppressor barrell will be released?

You’re guess is as good as mine unfortunately. I do remember armoured heaven said they were getting some stuff including metal stick mags soon so I’m hoping it comes In that shrimpment.

you can add your own suppressor on it just has to have 14mm reverse thread

buy a ltd hk 416 t-piece and a inner barrel cut to correct length and you can add a better hop-up as well

i guess it dont look like this but i am sure a front hand guard will be available some where