Looking to go the LTD HK416, which version?

Hi all, I looking to go the LTD HK416 line, just looking at prices and reviews for some info, but it’s the people on here with the best real world view on this.

Where I’m really at now is do l take advantage of some good deals on the first version, a 2.5 or pay some more for the more recent version 3?

Is it much of a jump up in improvements as for as the gearbox and overall quality of finish and out of the box reliability?


Depends on how much you can get it for ?
There are a lot of improvements in the v3.0 both internal and external.
The tappet stroke has been increased and also an improved spring retainer which is really good plus there is also a lot more metal parts .

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Well l guess that’s a yes then.

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After having a few LDT 3.0’s to play with the last few weeks, I can’t actually see much if any difference in the new box. The spring guide is great but it’s much harder to source a metal one. The tappets look pretty much identical, but you’re right. I accidentally mixed up the tappet with one from the V2 box and had all kinds of feed issues until I realised what I had done. The metal gears are decent enough but the piston is the same as the one that comes in the Nylon geared box. I swapped the spring out to a slightly larger 1.3mm and it didn’t last long at all. So If you want to upgrade the spring, you’ll need a full steel ladder on the piston otherwise yours will probably end up looking like this:

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Here’s the stripped nylon piston from a 3.0 gearbox. But if the 3.0 isn’t much more expensive than the 2, I’d still recommend to go with it.

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Cheers will do, was the stripped 3.0 piston ladder as a result of a 11v battery?

No worries at all :+1: No I believe it was just because of the spring. I was running a standard 7.4v blue lithium battery that comes with the HK.

Well l ended up with the v.3 and am wrapped with it, not much I’m going to change, just the o ring and leave it alone l think.

It came from an eBay seller with 44.00 off using the PITCH20 voucher and free postage to SA.

So happy I’ve bought an Alpha AK from him as well, can’t wait to see it

Thanks for the advice guys.



If it’s the seller I’m thinking of, you can get a decent price using those eBay codes that come up every now and then. I do monitor HK416D prices regularly for my own market research and you probably got yourself a good deal there :+1:

hey with 18:1 gears how many piston teeth should i have

The ratio makes no difference, you want 14t or 14 and a half

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Don’t forget to add any other new coupons or codes to the ‘ebay codes’ thread :+1:

Gotta get the other addicts off the wagon too… :grin::rofl:

You don’t want to be the only blaster addict broke for christmas noidea laughing%20(1)

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