Looking to install a camera for a sight

I’m looking at installing a small camera above the barrel on both my scar and M249 to either a small touch/ LCD screen built into a box, what I’m wondering is if there is a program that can impose an adjustable crosshair or dot onto the screen?

do u mean at post edit or while you shooting and looking at the screen?

for editing i used to use Sony Vegas pro back in tafe, it allows you to add a layer on top of the video,
like crosshair and kill count in your case,
which most decent video editing software will have that function regardless.

if you want it to be displayed on the screen while you are shooting,
i don’t really think there is a way atm :persevere:

i suppose if you use mobile as the screen there are apps like this

but prob not what you need O_O?

Looking for live, looks like that might work if I use a smart watch or small phone, thanks.

The plan is to build a backpack gel holder with a feeder for the M249 and make the sighting screen interchangeable with the scar

can i ask what is the purpose of this camera setup for O_O???
you want to shot while having sight and record at the same time or?

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Like norvitschs field setup

I’m looking for a live feed was thinking something of the around the around corner screen programs that some law agencies/ military supposedly use. As I’m still working on how to feed the gels other than gravity

Check out Mr Happy here with his camera scope shoot


Until I saw that video a few years ago… I didn’t realise a camera could be used with a scope…

I have another video somewhere of a Russian guy who has his rifil and scope/camera connected to a laptop!! when he presses the right button, it fires… I will see if I can find it… when my computer died the other week, I lost almost a Tb of files (lucky my po.rn was safely backed up eek Whew!!) pop

It goes to show, one has to protect what is most important! :money_mouth_face:

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I’m looking for a live feed mostly, I was thinking something like the around the corner screen programs that some law agencies/ military use. As I’m still working on how to feed the gels other than gravity, if I stick with gravity feed I’ll need to be able to view the area I’m aiming at and if I work out how to feed from the pack then it’ll give me more freedom of movement because I wont need to be looking through a sight. Although i just had the thought I could just use a narrow/ adjustable lens camera.

I’ve got one of these and it has live feed cable or WiFi


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