Loose spring retainer=this


Ive never seen it before but this is what happens when your spring retainer comes apart lol



Sorry those pics aren’t in order


Loctite blue is your friend

Hope you escaped any read damage beyond destroying the spring.

Yes, you can straighten it out but no, it’s not a good idea unless you can heat treat it


Ouch! I find that spring retainer also doesn’t sit in the gearbox as well as the stock one does, after chomping a set of gears from it tilting down and catching the back end of the piston. I’ve put an bolt though the stock holder into the back of the spring retainer to prevent that happening again …

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Never seen that happen luckily. Can’t take them apart when I’ve tried. :sunglasses:
As for fit, I find they usually need a little finishing to sit properly.

Yeah I had a bolt going through the stock into the retainer that held it straight.

But the whole front piece of the retainer has come loose and fallen down into the piston.

Cant see any other damage and I’ve just screwed the retainer back together with some thread locker.

I’ll test it out once the neighbours wake up lol

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