Lost Fps for v3 p90

Upgraded all the gearbox internals 1.3mm spring and only shooting at 180/200 fps is this normal I thought these things shoot at around 260fps out of the box well that’s what I was told what’s your thoughts cheers

Nothing worse than putting in the work and not seeing the result you’re after.

Pretty clear you’ve lost air pressure if your FPS went down after the mods. I’d be checking the cylinder/o-ring/nozzle/t-piece setup for leaks and go from there.

I’m sure someone on here running a P-90 will be able to sort you out. :+1:

Sounds like you have a leak, my wells went from 295 to 100 - 200 when the metal gearbox broke, maybe pull it apart, check everything and reassemble.


Ok cheers guys I will pull her apart again and check everything

You know what I hate? I hate it when you buy a :poop: load of super dooper ‘upgrades’… lovingly install them all… and the blaster never works well, nor reliably, ever again… even after you remove the (expensive) ‘Upgrades’ eye%20boggling badluck head Ring any bells? laughing%20(1)

The bells are ringing!!
Been there, done that :unamused:

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If its like mine its leaking around the cylinder head.

Did you check the piston compression before assembling?

Yeah i did was very good

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Tried to upload a video of where the airleak was but im not authorised to upload video it was my return spring was a few coils to long and wasent sealing on the t piece properly

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Very odd, was it all good before being pulled apart? Was it the original return spring?

It was the return spring i got with my upgrades so i shortened it and now im get numbers around 290fps

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Glad to hear it is sorted now.

There needs to be some industry standards :angry: or at least QC

@Kai_Adams just be carefull with the plastic pin that the return spring loops onto on the case, not the tappet plate. If you suddenly loose all pressure thats more than likely the case. They are weak. I replaced mine with a bolt and now no fear of a busted pin.