Ltd hk416 shoots about 70% of the time

I have a hk416 iv upgraded spring size to 1.28 and the battery to a 11.1v and now it missfires any ideas on why

Welcome to forums: You appear to be the one of many new people in forums due to Christmas blaster presents??

When you say miss firing what do you mean, every 2nd trigger pull comes out?
Or you hear the spring and psiton load up but nothign comes out all the time?

Just a few troubleshooting options:
If you reverse the spring does it still happen?

which gear box and hk416 was it a v2 or v3?

If not a v3 then you had to open the gear box all way for spring, if so then did anything pop out or miss placed inside the gear box?

Check the nozzel head making correct contact with t piece?

I have hade them for a year now but i only recently got the v3 so gearbox has not come apart yet but it still charges it just has gaps now so its not a solid stream of gells comeing out everything seems to be working fine no gears are sliping t peace is fine its just like ever cupple seconds gells stop comeing thu for for a second or two then it continues

sounds like the mag motor can’t keep up? Check the mag terminals are in the correct place on the blaster and the mag is hard into the well… and the terminals are connecting properly. A couple of mine, I have had to stretch the mag contact springs a little to get decent contact and make sure the mag terminals are clean…pop

Ill give that a go now thankyou

That dosent apear to be the problem it still does it

Thabks for the help boys i worked out what was rong the gears had shredded inside the mag merry Christmas to use all

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