Hi all

First post on the forum!

Anyone with a view on which rifle is better. Price point they seem very close and there are some tech differences for sure.

Can’t seem to find much out there other than what is on seller websites.

Probably get both but which one first?


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@Nod Welcome :v:
STD SLR is my pick, the 3.0 LDT gearbox is not great and no longer a standard v2 so limits what boxes you can swap it for later on.
The SLR out of the box is a great blaster :+1:


Cheers thanks @Rattler for the feedback

I know you can get 2 colour variants and the stocks a different but assume other than that they are the same?

Yes one is the MFT and the other is CRT plus there is the CQB.
All are the same gearbox

Sorry for my ignorance it what does CRT and MFT stand for?

CRT is a hard one :thinking:
Maybe civilian response team or combat recovery team ?
MFT Mission first tactical

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Yeah I can definitely recommend the SLR too. I have the CQB and it has been a great reliable blaster for months now.


close range tactical and medium range tactical

I thought that too but in this case it can’t be because they are both the same length and only the stock differs?

lol i got wells and slr mixed up. Its the rear stock difference. ctr is compact type restricted which is the magpul stock on it and as you said Mission first tactical which is the other style of rear stock

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So whats SLR o.o?

Self loading rifle
Single lens reflex :rofl:


Or maybe slick lookin rifle :rofl::joy::rofl:


So in terms of rifle it’s a fancy way of saying “automatic rifle”?

@Nod As much as I love the hk416 and its one of my favorite rifles, I found out the hard way thru modding and buying parts that the Ldt hk416 is very limited in terms of what aftermarket external parts you can get that is compatible. Prolly better to go for something that has more options in customizing.

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Thanks @gaz for the info. I think I am swayed to the std slr black tan :+1:

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ok what about STD SLR vs Kublai K2 (or K3)?

SLR Rifleworks.

He only asked about HK416 v3 and STD SLR.
The SLR is better value , nice accessories, metal barrel and faster out of the box but the Kublai is a decent stock blaster too but needs money spent to be on par with the SLR.

i know i just wanted to know for myself :slight_smile: thanks