Lube and grease for piston and oring


Do i need to apply any lube to the inner cylinder where the o ring & piston slides through?

I recently added a new 1.25mm spring and o ring to my j10, but it seems that the fps has dropped 20-30fps bellow what i was getting before.
And thinking i have not lubed something or did something wrong.

Other things could be the electrical wires getting squashed when trying to fit back in the receiver, can now see a tiny bit of the exposed wire (i will use electrical tape to go over that)

The ■■■ still fires well, i only found out chroniing it, and would have believed it was fine up untill that point.


Yep had that happen to me on two stock wells as well. Both punching 220fps so i though chuck in an o ring and a bit of oil and both and both dropped to 200 210fps. Was really weird. Hopefully you find an answer

hehe, ohh no. So its common but solution is elusive.

You should always use lube as it helps reduce wear and also helps keep an airtight seal.
I just use superlube on everything.
You only need a little…

Queue @Calcifer in 3… 2… 1…


Everyone has a different opinion… use what works for you. However… because the O ring works in a wide-ish groove… and unblocks the holes when being withdrawn and blocks the holes when the piston goes forward… you really don’t want gobs of grease blocking some of the holes some of the time…

I, myself use a little oil… OR… a TOSS up between…fart laughing%20(1)

& KY

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lol, ill get some you line the inner of the cylinder as well?

Like @Calcifer said, you don’t want to be blocking up air holes and stuff, so just a little bit on your finger and smear it around. Basically if you can feel it, but not see it, that’s about right.

If it looks like when you come home starving and have to grab an emergency bit of bread and spread half a jar of peanut butter on it… then that’s WAY too much haha

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Hehe got ya, and does Bunnings sell that lube and does Bunnings sell springs?

I got that tube of lube from ebay.
It’s what most AS people use.
As for springs, I used a bunnings spring to fix my charging handle spring, but all the others are pretty much specific springs, you need to use the spring made for the job. Local gel blaster suppliers or AliExpress etc are where you will find those…

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Super…super glue was that?

Just checking. Would hate to use the wrong thing on me…

I bought a couple of gear sets that came with small tubes of both oil and grease…

I have only used half of one pair of tubes… still have 3 or 4 pairs unopened.

The grease and oil tubes is mainly why I chose those gear sets… they wanted $12 just for a tube of oil or grease (they are small tubed) and I am a proven Cheapass laughing%20(1)

I hate that stuff ! Every time I go to use it, somehow it has all escaped from the tube and my whole tool box is slippery as a butchers D**k :rofl:


Yeah nah yeah… you have to stand the tubes (especially the oil) upright with the top up… PIA!

Don’t ask me how I know this… ceazy