Lubing Tutorial (Gearbox)

anyone got a lubing tutorial, low guido doesn’t have one (probably has better things to do), tac edge doesn’t have one, I’ve eyed up my gel blaster (m4 Wells) for Christmas and im looking for the gears and some lube, im just paranoid of not lubing it correctly and the gearbox malfunctioning or possibly broken beyond repair any tips or tricks

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I was almost scared to click the link…


Use silicone paste for bushings/gears, also lube up the cylinder head and nozzle but don’t overdo it, you don’t want to block the nozzle tip.

Don’t lube bearings, don’t lube pinion gear, don’t lube piston head (can block the airflow holes and create a vacuum when it’s being pulled back).

DON’T use lithium grease, it will dry out and turn to powder, don’t use anything conductive, don’t use anything too thin cause it will go everywhere.

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What ?

Do lube the bearings and do lube the pinion gear and lube on the piston head or will not block the air flow or cause vacuum !
Also lithium grease does not dry out, it only separates from non use after a long time and looks like it has dried out.

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This advice is 100% wrong

Bearings are designed to be freerolling, anything you add to that is just going to attract dirt, increase the friction and increase the chance of failure. Pinion gear relies on a perfect fit mechanically, if it’s set up properly there shouldn’t be anything that needs lubing.

You are just plain wrong with the piston head, have a look at how the O-Ring interacts with the air holes, when the piston is moving forwards it blocks the holes to create compression, when it’s moving back the air holes are open to avoid, you guessed it, creating a vacuum. If you add a bunch of grease to the O-Ring it’s just going to block up the function of the O-Ring.

Not sure why we’re bothering with semantics, in my book if lithium grease separates into a powder it’s ok to call it dried out ffs, don’t use it.

Its you who is wrong , and if you believe that you are also crazy.
Not even going to bother explaining it because you will just argue , so believe what you like but don’t advise others with your voodoo ideas :rofl:

I’ll argue if I’m right =P I’m not pulling what I say out of my arse, there’s a reason for the voodoo ideas.

Seriously ?
That is for full ceramic bearings mate !
Read it properly.
And pinion to bevel with no lube is ridiculous!

All non full ceramic bearing and bushes need lubrication, no if’s or buts !

I did read it properly, he mentions ceramic bearings because the whole paragraph is about bearings, he then goes on to say don’t lube bearings in a different sentence.
That’s an if and a but. From a guy who runs a company designing cnc gearboxes and parts. I know you don’t like expert opinions but come on, that’s a better source than an article on automotive wheel bearings.

Mate I am an expert when it comes to bearings and gearboxes.
I am a fitter machinist and have designed and manufactured gearboxes and such for over 35 years.
Do yourself a favour and ask a bearing manufacturer !
But like I said go right ahead and do what you think is right !


Bearings running dry end up getting square balls and the cage melts… then the bearing goes balls up…


So now I have two expert opinions, I’m going to stick with the advice from the AS manufacturer.

You can’t be told anything, you read some bull shit then spruke it like its gospel with zero knowledge yourself !
Just like your no lube on the piston or bevel gears Therory :rofl:
like I said go ask any bearing manufacturer or engineer !

Lol ok Mr 3500mah 50c battery guy, I’ve read a lot of nonsense from you, which is why I don’t trust your opinion as opposed to the others I am given, that’s it sorry.

All I said about the batteries is that those were a good battery tested by myself, what the specs say I don’t care about and they are as good as the others simple.
But your bearing and gear theory is the most ridiculous crap I have ever heard and I shared it with a bearing manufacturer and they are still laughing :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:
Oh and don’t be sorry thats the most fun I have had in ages :+1:

If being wrong on an internet forum is the most fun you’ve had in ages you must not be getting laid, or playing Gel Ball, got problems with your blaster?
And I hope you explained to your manufacturer friend that we are talking about 2mm bearings in a tight channel, the sort of size where a grain of sand stuck in grease is a big issue, if he’s still laughing it’s probably time he retires.

Keep on digging bro eventually you might say something intelligent :v: