Luochen S102D Lever Action

About $110AUD
Wonder if it’ll be allowed in.
Who’s going to have a go?
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I fortell futures, two bucks a pop.
Looks a little different to the example I posted, a Lever Action nonetheless, the more, the merrier, nice find.

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Getting the lever gearbox would be the main attraction.
The rest would be fun fabrication. :wink:

Nice lookin’ gel blater! koolaid laughing (1)

minions laughing hysterically

I needed not even think as much with a thread by you, I just see it, I feel it, I know it, take this, junk that, create this, NEXT!

You know me. Love everything stock. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Seeya later gelly blater…

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Actually, a gas powered lever action wouldn’t be too hard to manufacture. Gas in the stock, only 10mm of nozzle travel required to put gel into battery and loading ramp just like the real thing. And the mechanical satisfaction from a lever action

Just like A&K did in 2014 with the 1892

Umarex version would be nice

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this right here


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I was going to quote the same but decided to leave it to you. You didn’t disappoint. :rofl::rofl:

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She’s a solid looking unit… Once you’ve replaced the flimsy plastic components with real Steel and wood, you’re probably back in the price ballpark of a real 30-30…

However, chopping her down into a mare’s leg as a sidearm might be a fun little project.

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