Luv this CQB little Tommy

She is shooting at 350fps and I haven’t even opened up the box yet. Just a barrel and t piece change. Waiting on one of those elusive R1 v2 hop ups.


Hmmm tossing up between one of those or a CP AK with the V3 gearbox…decisions decisions :thinking:


Easy… you know you want/need one of each (at least) koolaid laughing%20(1)

I like that color… is it gold or bronze? (or bronzy gold)?

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well do you want the “take the change you filthy animal” experience, or the “URA CYKA PIZDIC BLYAT SERGEI THE GERMANS ARE HERE” experience? either way the AK and the MPX are both formidable blasters.


I was running one of those at spec ops yesterday, only I’d left the fps at 270. First time running a drum mag, the only obvious thing to improve its performance (judging from that run), is for the operator to “git gud”


How many mags to a battery do you get? - Before the drum mag

The last skirmish I went to with the MPX, 1 Turnigy 1.2 battery lasted the entire 4 hour session and I was rotating 5 mags in my pocket which was a bit of nuisance. That is why I went for the drum mag. However I was also running 2 ■■■■ so you can probably half this time. So I’m guessing there was 8 games and I used 5 mags per game so I would of ended up using 20 mags in the MPX without the battery going flat.

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sounds about right considering what I’ve put mine through prior to the drum mag. Wasn’t as trigger happy as 5 mags a game - probably 3, but it was 5 hours worth and I was running a tracer mag too.

Battery was a bit under storage charge when I put it on the charger

I think the mpx is out of stock at the moment too, in case patience is a factor in the decision making process

Yeah I think you’re right, going with alpha king because I want to play with v3 gerabox :+1:t4:

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How do you think the gearbox handles the 11.2v?
My one sounded harsh when i put one on it. I get about 10 mags out of the APS with a 7.4

omg, where did you get it

Mate I would never even bother with a 7.4 v or own one especially putting it into an APS metal gearbox.
You might just need to adjust the motor adjusting screw in the handle to get the correct alignment between the bevel gear and motor drive. Just screw it in a little first, then out till you hear that sweeter meshing noise.

Thanks, I’ll have a look. It over due for a teardown… :grin:

Good batteries make a big difference to your game time too. I only use Turnigy 1.2 25-50c discharge rate ones.

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Yes had the fps increase to 360fps on my mpx with t-piece and 35cm inner barrel

Any hints on what t-piece and barrel used?

Gen9 t-piece and 35cm alloy barrel used yellow ausgel

i think someone else had photos as well on this forum

And some custom spacers :wink:

That’s cool. I am still waiting for my parts. Custom spacers? Any links? Thanks😁