LVOA love - who has one?

So wondering who else has this blaster?

I have had mine for a while. Upped the spring. Did oring and changed barrel over.

Then decided to paint it. That failed badly. Even more so when putting it back together due to me snapping the rear casing where the stock connects.
Thought about replacing it… then figured I try to fix it.

And I have!

I used a bonding agent called ksbond and reattached the stock. And used the same goo for redoing the barrel in to the t-piece - now its shooting really well with great grouping too!!

I still really like it. And Ill redo the paint at some stage. Using 11v on it and I think it all work really well for bust medium range.


It looks very ‘industrial’ … the fact it shoots well makes it even better…

Whilst someone sees it and starts laughing… you can pin them to a tree with it :grin::+1:

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The LVOA looks interesting but I read somewhere that being all plastic the long barrel bends a lot. How do you find it in the field?

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Hi mate. This is a nylon version. As such the long outta barrel doesnt flex at all. Also mounting the sight across the join helps too :hugs:

The rear case was ok. It was me trying to tighten the barrel more as it screws on as to why it snapped. While Ill need to break it again if I need to open the case. It cheaper than replacing it lol

Sooo true! Hahaha. Good way to think about it. Now I meed to work out why my other blasters are not grouping as well. Got the hk416d and gels take a hard right or left out of that thing lol and thats V3

I want that handguard o.O
This makez me wanna buy one, paint it in red and black snake scale and call it orochi

Can you get them handguards for standard m4 like gen9?


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Thank you man!!!
What kind of adaptor do I need for this?

You can see it comes with a screw on adaptor

Just for reference as this is not going on this receiver.This is the 345mm one. Got a warinterest 12" outer barrel on here and its just a little too long as you want the flash hider to finish flush with the end not the barrel.
Came with all the accessories. I got the gstyle shs 416 rail from them (tiger111) and it did not even come with the barrel nut. $28 is a bargain for the shs wire cutter ones with rails and paracord.

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If they don’t come with barrel nut, what type should I get o.o??

It does come with barrel nut.

Stencils for the build i am using it on.

It looks bigger than the front threaded bit on the gen9 m4 tho

Get a nice metal receiver for it. Waste on a shitty gen9 M4