M180 motor compared to M150

Hi guys, I ordered a M150 high power 480 motor for my full metal M4 build but instead received a M180. It looks just like the M150 and fits in my handle. It is longer than my gen9 460 which is expected.

Has anyone else ever used one of these M180 motors?


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Here is a pic of the motor.

I don’t know for sure but I would guess the difference is the RPM.

And more torque :+1:

Maybe, Generally more rpm = less torque .
The higher rpm motor will have thicker but less windings, but either one will have insane torque anyway

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It’s definitely a bit of a beast because you can really feel the resistance of the magnets when you try to hand spin it and everything in my box of blaster bits is stuck to it. I’m a little worried about my internals now and my shimming job?
I’m waiting on my Turnigy 1.2 ■■■■■■■ battery to spin the sucker. (that’s another dilemma).

You will need it, any other battery will get too hot on that motor, they don’t call it the insane motor for nothing lol
There is a new 1400mah ■■■■■■■ turnigy now :wink:

Do you have a link @Rattler, I tried to order from Hobby King and they don’t sent to Aussie probably because of the word ■■■■■■■ on the battery. So I ordered my 1.2 from some obscure place which is on the slow boat from China.

I know I saw them somewhere in Australia but I can’t find it now sorry, if I find them you will be the first to know.
The 1200mah are excellent packs and work better than any other buffer tube Lipo.
The wires are much thicker too

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The 1200mah can be got for $30 to $35 in Australia, still a bit expensive compared to hobbyking but atleast you can get them

Turnigy are definitely a good rated lipo but after going through 3 of them as I found the metal tabs that the wires soldered to kept break I opted out for this bad boy

and honest I can’t point a finger at it the battery performs Insane

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Is that a buffer tube Lipo?

And it was same price as Turnigy. Gotta love ebay

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So it will fit in a standard buffer tube of a Gen 8/9? Hope so that looks pretty insane.

There are lots of much better lipos than turnigy but not ones that fit in a buffer tube.
The reason they break at the tabs is because of pulling on the wires, if you put tape around the Lipo forming a loop at the top you can pull them out by it instead of the wires


Looks like it has Deans connectors, did they come standard?

I found these specs for that battery
HRB Lipo Battery 3S 11.1V 1800mAh 50C Parts Dean T XT60 JST For Skylark M4 250 FPV Drone Car RC Quadcopter Airplane 400 TREX 450

Silicone wire : 12awg

Plug / Connector : T / Deans / XT60 / JST

Dimensions(LxWxH) : 105mmx34mmx20mm (±0-3mm)

Weight : 142 ± 5g

Sounds great but I’m worried about the little motor in the mag which is going to cop all this extra power as well?

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3s is 3s it doesn’t matter how big or what the c rating is.
I use 3s in all of mine and have no issues with the mag motors at all.

Unfortunately nope😭 that’s in my scar and yes the dean’s came stock. Or I would of changed but one less thing I had to do. I’m currently about to hunt down one for a buffer tube for the gen9 let you know if I find one