M24 barrel upgrade

Hey guys. How does the old barrel come out of the housing and the new alloy barrel and t piece go in? Just looks like its all one pieces. Any help plese?

You have to split the outer barrel on the seem where the plastic joins. Use a blade of some sort.

Thanks matt. Am i better off buying the metal outer housing for it. Im looking at painting it abit later on

No I wouldnt. I bought one and it doesnt fit in the receiver properly. The plastic one locates nicely with that ring on the barrel that the screw goes through and locks it in. The metal barrel is heavier and doesnt have the locking ring that locks into the receiver.
The barrel realise on the 3 hex head screws only and still has a lot of flex when tightened.
The metal barrel comes with 3 aluminium rings that are meant to locate and hold the inner barrel into the outer but they area to small. I had to use use tape to make it all work and in the end it wasnt square and required my scope to be angled to match the angle of the inner barrel to the outer
I think the best combo would be to upgrade to a nice inner barrel and get a new T piece while u are at it then ditch the plastic plunger and bolt assembly and go with the full metal unit from Aliexpress. Leave the outer barrel as is.

Basicly ive purchased the rifle which ill pick up next week. Got the metal plunger kit alloy inner barrel with t piece and a 1.3 spring coming from gelballmods.com so hopefuly should turn up at most 2 weeks after my rifle. Also looking into a paintjob too but not just yet. Know a good place to get a nice scope frim Matth1000?

@Matth1000 also whats this i read on your other post about a spacer with the 1.3 spring?

Yep if keeping stock internals go with. 1.3 spring or stock spring with spacer but also strengthen the bolt handle like i did. Makes it very rigid.
If u going with metal plunger and bolt then go higher with the spring.
My metal kit is on the way and i have a 1.5 and 1.7 spring to try in that.
Scope wise i got a 4x 32 scope off ebay. Nothing special was about $30 but works well.

Paint job on mine i used that camo duct tape.
I will get some photos of it when I get home this arvo.
Was about 10 bucks a roll off ebay.
It sticks to the gun really well but it doesnt stick to itself at all. You have to use but joints with the tape but if you have no option and have to overlap just run the smallest bit of superglue down the seem and that will hold it.
Also chuck some little squares of Dynamat where you can while the receiver is open and that deadens the tinny “toy” noise and makes it sound like a Noveritch SS24.

Thats my scope

Thats the tape

I like the scope. Its on my list. Im going to have a go at some airbrushing. Probably a navy camo or something.

Thats the strengthening i did tothe handle. Drill through from the outside through to the ribbing right into the handle.
Screw in the biggest fatest self tapper you can get then fill the voids around it with epoxy.

Im definatly going metal plunger kit for sure bro. No buts. Nice work there bro. Is it wortg going a 1.7 spring

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I havent tried a 1.7 in it yet. I just got an sms from DHL saying i should get my metal plunger and bolt today and i will give it a shot with a 1.7.
I have had a 1.4 in the plastic plunger no dramas but quite a lot of pressure on the plastic parts.
I then i tried a 1.5 and i got about 10 shots before one of the plastic parts near where the bolt handle is located snapped so i went back to 1.3.
My theory is stock spring with no handle strengthening.
1.3 with handle strengthening.
1.5 to 1.7 with full metal upgrade.
My setup will be plastic outer barrel.
Mirror aluminium 7.5 inner barrel.
1.5 but will try 1.7 spring not to sure which one i will settle on yet.
Metal plunger and bolt kit.
Future upgrade may involve a 7.2mm inner bruisemaster barrel but 70 odd bucks delivered i will hold off on that and see how the 20 buck ally barrel goes.

Spliting the outer barrel looks tedious. Im concernd of breaking it when spliting to replace the barrel.

It should just split down the seem. I hevent done mine yet but a mate has and he reckons it was easy.

Cool. Ill give it a go.

Thats the sight and camo tape

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Nice work on the camo tape @Matth1000 ill post a pic when i paint mine up

No probs.
Im just fitting the metal plunger unit. So far not so promising.
You cant use the springs that fit in the plastic plunger.
Just about to do some test firing

No good fot me with metal bolt and plunger.
Fired not to bad 10 or so times then its binding somewhere and really hard to pull the trigger.
When a ball does.come out its all chopped up and goes in all directions.