M24 blaster mod in progress

Ok so here it goes. Ive noticed that the bodywork has a fair amount of cavitys and ive planmed to fill them up with some epoxy adding some weight and strength to the body. Might add extra metal weights but will see how the filling turns out. Also going to cement the moulding joins on tge exterior in prep for bog fill and painting later in a week or so. Posted pics will be in the next post.




More pics as i go fellas

ready for the resin


Great idea for the added weight.

If the resin dosent add a good feel of weight in the front area ill slip some slugs of steal or copper in there to heavy it up.

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Im sorta looking to have it balance like a knife would. Have the fulcrum on the trigger area. Atm the heaviest area is the shoulder butt

Joints all filled and sanded ready for the resin now

Resin in now waiting to cure

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Final paint is now conpleted. Looks good now. Better than the shitty silver mouldings.


A ll back together after a sunday paint. Just waiting for the metal upgrade kit before i paint the barrel and top mount rail area

Maybe could make some side money painting guns… will see


not far away now. Yippy

Speaking of weight I pulled apart my G36c ths weekend and found a 225g solid bar of metal rod for barrel weight. Explains why it is so balanced.

If you feel upto it filling it with resin and that weight will make it feel very solid and not so much as a toy

Looking good.
Hey you know where the big allen bolts go through from under then end up inside. Whack a bit of strengthening resin or epoxy around those parts. Mine started to break cause i have taken it apart so many times. Its like a plastic standoff holding a metal threaded plate about 8mm x 8mm.

Done and done. I saw that the mouldings around the bolt holes were crappy so i chucked on some epoxy and now all good

Beauty, yeah gonna do mine when I get it back.

I just bought another m24 off aliexpress for 78 bucks delivered and australian stock.
I want to use the new “gearbox” because 3 screws on mine have stripped out and 2 of the 3 standoffs where the allen bolts go have started to crack.
I will also do the fill, sand and paint to the new stock flat black, thanks for the idea @Sam_D. and also keep my camo taped stock for variety.
If anyone is in perth and needs an original barrel hit me up.

Only fill the front compartment of the main bodym if you try filling where the stock butt is youll end up seizing the butt adjustment

That epoxy filling is magic. Makes it feel like your holding a real solid body. Not a flimsy plastic toy