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@Matth1000 @MikeStone @LowGuido @MikeT Thought i would open this thread for the new owners coming round.

Oh and i wanted to ask the man @LowGuido himself an interesting question that kinda boggels my mind abit, hope you can show me the light.

Ok so ive see your youtubes and i have a question relating to the spring deflection measurement. Say i have a 255mm 1.4 spring and a 300mm 1.4 spring, if it allows me (with abit of struggling i know) how much benifit do you reckon the extra 45mm in compression will provide. Im kinda blurry with your defection tester and dont quite understand fully.

Im thinking in terms or equivalents, like a 1.1 spring thats 250mm and same thickness but at 300mm. Including the extra length in the spring could it have potential to have a 300x12x1.1 perform like maybe a 250x12x1.3 spring?

Seeing as i brought a 300x12x1.4 and a 1.6 too as suggested by @Matth1000 (which i thank him for sharing), could a 300x12x1.4 produce the power that a 250x14.3x1.7 spring can produce?

Wooha i hope im not all over the place for you to answer guido lol i apologise in advance :wink:

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I don’t know that I (or anyone for that matter. maybe Robert Hooke) can draw direct comparisons to springs of different length and width like that without some form of physical testing.
obviously a shorter thicker spring will have a similar amount of energy to a longer thinner spring at some point, but where that crossover is I can’t say.

Thanks @LowGuido will have a play around thisarvo and see how it turns out

Sofar it looks like the custom 1.4 cut back to the standard spring length is point break. Anything bigger than 1.4 or maybe 1.5 is just too much to pull back. Might be looking at around 340fps @Matth1000 has the chrono so he will have the answer to speed

Yep got a chron and the springs rock up today but no blaster, Hopefully will get it back in a couple weeks

Hi guys been playing around with a 1.4 spring in the original plastic housing that ive reinforced and am using the aluminium upgrade inner barrel from online but is lacking the long distance accuracy. Has anyone played around with different or even longer inner barrels?

Welcome @Jack_C i would think that youd need to get a hopup if you dont already have one. Ive got the same problem with mine. If you got a hopup and it still flying about then maybe get a fighterbros or bruisemaster inner barrel.

I have a weird question here, most people are trying to upgrade. Can you convert a airsoft M24 to just shoot gel balls?

Cheers @Sam_D. Yeah i just recieved my hop up but havent spent time playing around with it to check. Thinking at maybe looking at a fighting bro 7.3-7.4mm barrel to suit the new heavy gells and seeing how that goes. I have the metal upgrade internal kit which i installed but removed to get the spring dimensions to get 4 made with 1.4 thickness. Keen to see how that turns out aswell

@Maystro that one i dont know. But hey if you got an airsoft m24 id buy that off you

@Jack_C who you got making the custom springs mate?

S and S springs down in melbourne. Ive kept same outside dimension, number of coils and length that same to the 1.1 spring that comes with it but to 1.4 size

Will haveto look into that. I brought mine from ebay but had to cut 50mm off

Could someone tell me best glue to use when re-glueing the plastic barrel for M24?

It’s ABS plastic isn’t it?

This stuff did the job for me quite well. I used it as a filler for the moulding to smooth out the joins in the stock before i painted. Something like this is what your chasing @MikeT

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Great. My barrel just arrived this morning bent.

Any tips on best way to straighten it out?

How badly bent. I know mine was bent but not too bad. I just straighten it by eye gently till it was decent then popped it in the outer barrel. I only split the barrel about 1/3 and slid the old one out put the new one in. I didnt separate it completely

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There is a guy up here in Brisbane Nicholas leete who is doing custom springs around the m150. I rate these over any of the shs ones . You definitely need a hop up and the non adjustable ones have been the best for me so far. I have 3 m24s two with v2 kits. Don’t go further than a 1.4 spring on a stock plastic, it will snap with in a day even if your gentle as fuck. I have a game master, bruise master and a f.b alloy and a 7.5 alloy and for me this one is the best with the warinterest gels ( yes they are a little bigger and a little heavier) maybe that helped , but I could hit a 10 cm target 6 from 6, 15 meters away @ 360 FPS . The weekend before I took it to a tactical ops game with a 1.7 spring shooting 450-500 FPS and with a hop up couldn’t hit shit. I’m now waiting for a TED barrel and hop up $250 these are supposed to help any thing shooting over 400 FPS shoot straight. I hop this helps someone. I was sick and bored last week. I will edit the footage 40 minutes and put it up soon

Are there any mods to make it fit and fire 6mm?

@kym_machin76 does Nicholas have a company name or is he private, id like to get in touch with him. @masterblaster youd probably need to get a custom 6mm barrel with the same outer diameter as the original. I have found out that on the odd occasion the mechanism in the mag ends up crushing the balls but maybe im just overfilling