M24 Gearbox screws not tightening and spring catch not holding

Got a M24 Gel sniper… done a little bit of work to it. in the form of upgrading the spring to 1.4mm, swapped out the trigger parts to metal. Now my screws that are meant to hold the “gearbox” together, have become loose and a couple have fallen out… need ideas on What I can do.


Put some plasic weld epoxy into the screw hole and then add the screw, let it dry and tighten the screw up

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Cheers Sam.

Will I be able to open it back up if need be?

Also, you wouldn’t happen to know what screw they are? If not I’ll just take into a hardware shop. Coz I’m like 3 or 4 screws shy.

I’m using 10mm cup head wood screws but if you do the above before assembly you get to clean it up prior to putting it back together as well.

Sometimes you can buy a cheap set of small screws from places like bunnings. If the thread has torn out from the plastic/nylon, you can do like Sam said, or try and find a marginally coarser screw… some screws have real coarse screws that cut into plastic… just do them up gently.

If all else fails, if the holes are not blind, you might be able to get a kit of bolts/nuts from ebay… I got a set of 1.5mm, 2mm/2.5mm/3mmin a little plastic divided box … you can get countersunk or button head and even cap head… depends if you can get a nut on the other side or not. pop

Go raid the gel blaster screw aisle at Bunnings and take a few samples running

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beastpro sell spare sets of gearbox screws :wink:

As others have said sounds like stripped screw holes. Countersunk wood screws would be good as they have a self tapping course thread that will hold quite well.

A tip when tightening gearbox screws is to put a little pressure on it while turning it anticlockwise (as if your undoing the screw), and you should feel it drop down into place on the threads then you can tighten it as you normally would without fear of cross threading or damaging the screw hole threads :+1:


@blek yes bro, good point and it covers everything plastic, if you cant get the screw to set back into the original thread each time is starts a fresh thread and weakens the plasic, do it too many times with a tad of overtensioning, it will strip easly. Im guilty of it and im sure everyone is one time in their gel blaster life.

Sometimes heading to the bolts shop with the original screws and get courser and longer screws is worth it, the original screws dont utilise the full length of the plastic stalk it goes into.