M24 point of failure?

Heard a few things about M24’s failing with upgraded Springs.

Has anyone had experience with this?

Curious because I’ve put a 1.4 in mine. A little worried to say the least. Last thing I want is to have the back end come out and propel it’s way towards my teeth whilst aiming.

Yep it sure will with a 1.4. There are other threads on the upgrade of the M24. Have a search on here for them. Stock spring to 1.2 maybe 1.3 i would do my little trick by drilling through the bolt handle, screw in the biggest self tapper you have and fill with epoxy.
Bigger than 1.3 u gonna have to go for the v2 metal plunger, bolt upgrade kit.
2 things to remember the metal bolt handle doesnt fit on the plastic assembly, you will have to upgrade the lot. Once you do upgrade to all metal then none of the springs you have will fit in the v2 metal kit so more research on spring options is now underway. Waiting on mine to come in now.
Have a read of the other m24 pages here for more info

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Also metal inner and outer barrel are options

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Thanks for the tips. I just ordered a metal internal kit. I’ll probably wait for it to arrive before using my rifle too much.

@MikeT me and matth1000 are hard into the R&D to do with the spring side of things as you might have seen lol. Its worth buying the metal kit and an alloy inner barrel. And if you fell dedicated towards looks and feel check out our other m24 posts, a clean up and paint goes along way

And i highly recommend filling the front cavity of the stock with resin. Adds strength and weight to it

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