M24 sniper problem

Hi so I bought a M24 sniper and I got a 1.3 spring to go in it so I put the spring in and it won’t click back I can pull the bolt back as far as I want and it wont click in but when I put the original spring in it it works fine please help me

are the springs the same physical length?

i’ve heard of ppl having trouble with the bolt catch if the spring is too long and more commonly…

and a total PITFA…if the gearbox flexes.

flexing is a bit of an art form to resolve and is usually achieved with a couple of pic rail clamps…

think scope or other clamping accessories

Yeah roughly the same length

Get the metal bolt and she be sweet :ok_hand:

I had this issue with a spring that was slightly to wide in diameter, binding on the last few mm during pull back. Pull the piston back without the spring you will see how far it is meant to goes back.