M24 tear down with inner barrel measurement

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Got bored with modding the wells. Also forgot to get some gear box mounting bolts :man_facepalming: never mind moved on to the m24. This is the second spring upgrade I’ve done for one of these blasters. I highly recommend it! I never put a gel through the first m24 in stock form. So I thought I would try it with this one. What a disappointment! With just a spring upgrade it totally changes the stock m24 from a limp flaccid blaster into something that is very impressive. On average it puts out 320fps with just a 1.4 spring upgrade. Yes I know it will break the bolt handle. I’ve learnt to hold it as close the the base as possible. Anyway here are some pics of the upgrade. Also I have read on here some people talking about how to access the inner barrel. I’ve included pics of the inner barrel with some measurements if anyone is interested.

Nice one! I assume you’ve got some alloy bits on the way for it?