M24 vs awm gel blaster

Hello everyone, I was wonder what your opinions are on which blaster is better. The GJ m24 or the AWM. Thanks for the help.

Basicly the same blaster just a different stock. Go for which ever one you think looks better.

Does the AWM have an adjustable stock?

The adjustable stock on thr m24 is very flimsy. I have mine wound right in othetwise it just flops around

Alright thanks. I’ve got the AWM but didn’t know whether to sell it and get the M24. What are some of the best mods to do that will work. I don’t want to waste money on things that don’t work. Thanks

To be honest i wouldnt do any.
U wont be able to use it in a game.
Its not any more accurate than any other blaster.
Spending 150 bucks on the metal upgrade kit makes it about $30 better. Not really worth it.
I would paint it and deck it out with a nice scope then hang it up and look at it.
I have spent about $300 on mine all up and never used it in a game.
Looks bloody good though

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Alright cheers. I might 3d print a hop up and see how that goes.

don’t think they would have much differences except the shell and apperance, the inside are almost the same

So i can take my m24 receiver and put it in the AWM body? but the AWM only has 3 bolt down there.