M249 SAW CQB build

Righto. Been using my SAW for outdoor games but I much prefer it for indoor CQB.
It has a good ROF on 11v.
Its light.
Has a drum mag.
The only bad thing is its a bit bulky… time to SAW the SAW.

I am going to mount the battery in the receiver if I can.
Cut off the but stock.
I will leave about 50mm of the bottom rail for a handle near the drum and bin the rest.
Accuracy is not a massive deal due to short range shots on the CQB field so short barrel should work.
Its currently at 280 fps with an o ring and 1.3 spring.
I have the gen8 upgrade kit with nylon box from gelballmod so I will be installing that as well.
Stay tuned for some more updates in the coming weeks.

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Well thay didnt take long.

I will 3d print sime kind of cover for the front to finish that off and work on the battery housing in side the receiver. Battery fits no problem. You can see it in one of the pics installed but may fall out in the heat of battle.
I will also 3d print somethingnto finish of the back.

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Me: Let’s play a CQB round with only pistols.
You: cool, I’m in
Everyone: ummm… shit is that the time? I’m late for an appointment… Byeeeee!


Ill challenge your design, i bet i can mke my saw look sick with metal :slight_smile:

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Yeah scarapped that a while back. Ended up getting a UMP45 for indoor cqb that packs a punch.