M249 saw purchase help

Hey guys,
I am new to gel blasters and am loving this forum for info.
I have recently purchased a kriss vector v2 which I love. I have changed spring to a 1.2mm and added a hop up, which has helped a lot but i am too scared to open it up any further. I think I’ll keep it as my "main.
The only I dislike is the small magazine.

i now have the itch to get another one with bigger mag that i can have a go at modifying …i cMe across the m249 saw v3 which looks good. From what i can tell its a full nylon build so it should be sturdy like the vector, but its hard to find info on. I have heard the v3 comes woth metal barrel but can’t seem to confirm this?

Anyway, i have a couple of questions that i am hoping the experts can answer.

  1. Would you buy a m249 v3?
  2. Are they easy-ish for a beginner to mod? (Thinking spring, o ring, 11.1v and maybe alloy barrel)
  3. Any ideas what battery or barrel i should get?
  4. Any ideas which hop up fits it?
  5. They are cheap, but do they work ok or similar to vector out of the box?
  6. Any idea what the difference between the v1, v2 and v3 are? I heard v3 has metal carry handle but am unable to confirm.

I have emailed a few australian retailers without success.
I have watched all the videos/reviews online including low guido (seems to be an older style of his reviews) and novice driver.
But just looking to get some personal experiences of people who own one.

I would really appreciate any information anyone can provide

Thanks guys


This is my M249 V3 currently. Metal outer barrel, custom flash suppressor, upgraded oring and spring, 11.1V battery and a MOE front grip and two point sling. The original front sight (moulded in) doesn’t line up with the rear sight so I cut that off and screwed into on the rear sight and put on an M4/M16 front sight in reverse. Looks good IMO and lines up perfectly now. I also cut away a lot of the plastic under the heat shield so you can look right through and see the outer barrel, again for looks.

Mods are easy, it has a Gen 8 gearbox. Planned upcoming mods are:
45cm inner alloy barrel,
Hop up
Addition of a big chunk of metal inside to give it some weight
Mods to receiver for 5.56 belt ammo (fake) down to mag - just for looks
Spade grip and magnetic vehicle mount for area defence


They have a gen 8 box, but the trigger is about half an inch longer than normal. A standard gen 8 trigger only just protrudes into the trigger guard area…

I took the top handle off mine, it is weak and wobbly and I prefer without :+1:

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Was that the V2? It had a plastic handle. Mine is metal.

I can’t remember now, the first saw I got was a kids one, it was definitely plastic handle… but I got a full size one as well and left the handle off too… I like the look of them better without it pop

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The handle does get in the way of a sight if you want to add one.


Thanks everyone. I have decided to get a j10 instead… only few dollars more and seems vetter quality, easier to mod and more parts available…

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Just don’t put 700 rounds thru a SAW eye%20boggling die%20dillon

If you do decide to… take off the silincer first :+1:pop