M249 saw v4 upgrades

Hey currently own a v4 m249 saw and Looking to upgrade don’t know much about gel blasters and looking for a more experienced recommendation on what’s best to increase power and fire rate.


There are plenty of more knowledgeable people here than me who can advise, but component wise you want to look at the battery and motor, spring, gear box components and perhaps barrel.

Sometimes even just improving compression results in a big FPS improvement.

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Okay thanks, any info helps :slight_smile:

Gen 8 gearbox?

The v4 I believe should have a gen 8 nylon gearbox.

@DocBob is more the resident gen 8 expert here. Can probably give you the best advice on how to improve and make the gearbox explode. :joy:


I would also recommend just taking it into a reputable retailer and just straight asking them - I want to upgrade this, please help me. Vipertac let’s you book appointments with the techs to discuss exactly this sort of thing.

Damn straight :+1::grin: Can teach how to get insane XXX FPS and total destruction…but at the same time achieve sensible FPS /Accuracy and reliability :sunglasses:


Insane while sensible? Sounds like my kind of plan :laughing:


@xbroken_Vibez someone is actually selling a custom gen 8 gearbox on here for cheap, could be your lucky day



My mate just bought a V4 SAW and my advice to him (because I know his style) was simply to start with getting a good seal and metal barrel, and get a hopup.

The point of these things is suppression, and with an 11v they fire ok enough for that, but if you are like me you will go through a ridiculous amount of rounds which wears the internals quicker than how you use a rifle.

THEN, when the internals go, metal and go for a faster rate…these are so easy to pull apart and work on.

My SAW is an insane beast, and I would use an average of 30k rounds in a game day…sometimes I even feed from a bottle direct into the drum while firing.
The heat through the motor is stupid, and I have melted parts, and broke multiple boxes so far with the workload…but always smiling.

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