M249 V3 upgrades list

So recently I’ve just received the M249 V3 and I’m planning to do some upgrade to it, a more experienced friend said I should go with this list,

  • Nylon gen 8 Gearbox
  • Metal piston
  • Nylon piston head
  • Metal gearset
  • Shimming gear
  • Highspeed 460 dynamo w/37k rpm
  • 35 cm fighting bro barrel
  • 1.3 Spring
  • 11v Battery

Any thoughts on this? Note I’m not that experienced in upgrading so it would be nice to have some opinion.

Well, that’s most of a gearbox right there, add a tappet plate, small springs and anti-reverse…

Not trying to cost you more money, but perhaps consider building a second gearbox to the spec your friend has given you out of parts? That way you can still use the blaster while you’re working on the second gearbox? No better way to learn!

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Welcome to the group! :+1:

My two cents worth , and it’s subjective, but you might want to consider a high torque motor and a 16:1 ratio gear set instead of a high speed motor. Keeps the motor temp down on repeated burst and sustained rapid fire, you’re grip won’t get so hot when you’re emptying out that HUGE mag :joy: go check out Galapogas J on Youtube, he has a great vid on high speed vs high torque motors. :+1:

Very good advice from Torc about the second gearbox… agree 100%. It’s always good to have a working unit to use while you tinker and learn about upgrades on the second one. Nylon gearboxes come in at around $45 online, so pretty cheap. Then if things go south with your upgrades you can still get out there and spray. :blush:

Other than the tappet upgrades Torc’s suggested, you pretty much have it covered. If you up your ROF substantially, you may want to consider a delay chip on the sector gear too… helps with feeding issues, and cheap as chips (sorry, bad pun) on ebay or any blaster outlet.

Most of all, have fun with it. :+1:


Thanks for the tips, also will regular gels work or do I have to opt for Milkies since the barrel got upgraded?

Everyone’s got their favourites, gold bag milkies are popular, Armour Tech hardened gels are good, Ausgel Ultras and AK hardest gels are great if everyone on here hasn’t bought 'em all and you find 'em. :joy:

Best to go with hardened gels with upgraded blasters unless you like confetti coming out the end of your barrel. Buy a few small bags of different brands and see what works best with your setup. :+1:


Ok so apparently when using the regural ‘clear’ BBs nothing came out of my ■■■, any ideas why this happened? Is it because the BBs breaks apart due to the new gears or is there some fault in the magazine system?

If you are putting BBs in a gel blaster… well, there lies most of the problem…

Well not BBs, but gels I just call 'em that for the convinience, I have a feeling that the clear gels breaks apart when fired through the upgraded parts, as the feeding system in the box magazine had been fine the last time I checked.

The higher the FPS the harder the gels need to be, even if the feeding’s flawless.

They just can’t take the increased pressure… that’s why AK gels and Ultras get snapped up the minute the retailers get fresh stock of 'em :joy:

So in this case the balls probably exploded inside the barrel due to the increased pressure? I have a stock of Warinterest gels waiting to be tested to see if they suffer from the same result.

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lol there’s plenty of AK gels in stock at various places…

I used the red pack WarInterest gels to great effect in my fully modified m4 and m249.
Both of these pushing up to 350 FPS dependant on what spring I chose.
I used them because I used tightbore barrels and they seemed consistent and worked well.

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I also like them and still use them in all my blasters, I had them working even at 380fps with no breakage.
For me they give the best accuracy of any gel.

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Having no barrel breakage issues with Armour Tech greens… was creaming milkies though.