M4 MRT Metal Foregrip

Hey fellas, first post so take it easy.

After a lot of research and a last minute change of heart (and wallet) finally took the dive and bought my first blaster. Originally had plans to buy an acr j10 but heard from a mate that they have accuracy issues as the barrel isnt too stable. Last minute ended up going with the wells M4 MRT Metal.

I hadn’t considered how heavy a full metal blaster was going to be compared to a nylon/semi metal blaster and hadn’t realised that there’s no bottom rail on the mrt.

Just wanted to ask if I wanted to put a foregrip on, would I have to buy a new fishbone? Kinda curious if there’d be another way to attach one.

Cheers in advance!


Front guard on MRT uses M-Lok attachment. Buy an M-Lok foregrip :+1:


absolute lifesaver!
Cheers, I’ll hopefully be posting a photo in a month or so when all my orders arrive

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First post, first response, first suggestion, first answer, first hotlink, problem solved. Hey, what else could you ask for. If it was Artificial Intelligence you were asking and you received that response, in that time frame, you’d be chuffed, when you know that someone, an actual someone has taken the time to do so, well you become grateful.

Great place, great guys, great info, other than that @SlingShot he’ll no doubt begin to grate on you.

“If you can read and write, thank a teacher, if it’s in English, thank a solider”


Just found out there’s m-lok rails so i could still use a standard foregrip. Was going to buy a small rail mount and something resembling a vertical foregrip.
Would that still be just as sturdy or would it be preferable to just buy an m-lok foregrip?

Couldn’t ask for any better honestly. I’ve been lurking for a while and figured I’d take the dive and make an account once I bought a blaster.

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Altho I haven’t used an M-Lok pic rail I can’t see why it wouldn’t be as sturdy.

Direct M-Lok attached grip would fit flush with guard.

Personal choice. Perhaps you already have a Pic rail mount grip you want to use, so you’d get the M-Lok rail to fit it.

What sort of foregrip are you looking at?

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I’m not too sure yet, a friend of mine had a paintball style front grip where a bipod pops out the bottom that i was eyeing off as they’re around $10usd with shipping on alibaba.

I might end up going into a store and asking if i could try a few foregrips as I only have experience in person with that one grip.
What’s your personal preference when it comes to foregrips?

Foregrips come in a variety of styles and attachment methods.
VFG (Vertical ForeGrip) AFG (Angled ForeGrip) and everything inbetween
Same versions also may come in Standard Length and Short versions
Attachment via M1913 Picatinny Rail OR MLOK OR Keymod
Attachment via Standard OR QD (Quick Detach) means

The BiPod pops out the bottom version you mentioned aint much chops. For ten bucks grab ya self one to ooh & ahh at and install if suits. the amount of times you will actually deploy the BiPod in action may well be limited, maybe not, depends on what floats ya boat.

Take a look at the Strike Industries LINK Foregrip (although not a tradition style) it may well not be your cup of tea but it fits MLOK, is Alloy and only a fraction more than $10

Hope this helps a little, SlingShot

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Was that a specific M-LOC grip ?

Yes, not sure if I like it. Functions great, looks like :poop:


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Looks good from this angle. The first pic you posted, beautiful, hmm that’s a too pretty of a word to describe such a testosterone drench shorty, grunty, you know what I mean, second pic, only a pause off the first.

Yes M-LOK can be a pain in the ass sometimes. Methods that worked for one install not so successful with others.

:+1: I don’t like too much crap I don’t use on my blasters. The red dot on the CQB is gone. All down to personal preference. :+1: :+1:

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Cheers for the help @Maiphut and @SlingShot

I might ask if i can try a few of the handgrips and take my blaster with me to my local store.
The angled foregrip you linked looks pretty interesting, might give it a go but will see i guess. Always thought a vertical would be the most handy but with the number of angled foregrips out there i might be wrong. I don’t think i’ll ever be using the bipod in the grip anyway so was really just a gimmick that looked cool.

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Best way, I’m sure your local will let you try a few different ones out.

There is so many options, end of day you get what you are comfortable with. :+1:


If you plan on getting an mlok pic rail. I would recommend getting a FAB PTK + VTS angled foregrip combo replica.

This video has a better explanation on how to use it

Any picatinny rail that fits onto mloc or keymod will be solid especially if it’s metal. Remember, this stuff is designed for real bang bangs that have recoil etc, so on a gelblaster you’ve got nothing to worry about.
Doesn’t hurt to put a drop of loctite (nail polish, superglue etc) on the thread before you do it up just to stop it vibrating loose though.

Got that on my ump45, works great

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Nail polish in place of Loctite. I haven’t tried that before, heck, Iv’e never even heard that before. I can tell just by thinking about it how it would work. Great tip @Arty_Marty

Let me guess, you have a few bottles laying around to varnish an impeccably manicured set of green polished nails that match your hawk just swell.

Have I gone too far, Iv’e gone too far haven’t I.



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