M4 punisher not working :(

Hello everyone, good day. I hope you can help me I have a punisher that stopped working, I don’t know if it’s the engine or the motherboard. Does anyone have a solution or has it happened to someone else?

Hello hello,

Could be a number of things, unfortunately…

Can you elaborate on what’s exactly happening/not happening?
e.g. Absolutely nothing happens (no sound, nothing), makes particular sound but doesn’t function, gels not making it out the barrel, etc…

Also, do you remember what happened just before it stopped working? Did you make any recent modifications?

Guess the easiest way to find out would be to pull it apart and check the components for damage (gears, motor, trigger mechanism)
If it’s old and well used, could be something as simple as burnt out trigger contacts/motor, or maybe a wire/contact is obscured/damaged so power isn’t getting to the motor…

You could check the circuit integrity with a meter/line tester to be safe (I think the punisher has the contacts where the buttstock attaches, right?)

Edit: Something else to check would be the wiring/contact in the handgrip which most would ignore because it’s not necessary to open it when taking out the gearbox but there’s wiring and a contact plate that interacts with the motor there…

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Maybe even try a different battery first. Lipos can be picky if you’ve discharged it to far then tried charging it and killed the cells.


Holy poopballs, yes to the battery test first (I’m a glass half empty kinda guy by nature so worst case comes to mind first xD)

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I tried everything, I think it’s the motherboard that burned, but does anyone know where to get it? or can it be used directly?

the battery still works, it’s in perfect driving, I think it’s the motherboard, I just don’t know if it can be used directly

Idk about the individual part, but you can get the whole Punisher V2 gearbox for $45 (don’t think that includes the motor)

Example below (never bought from this site myself tho)

Thank you very much, I will try to connect it directly without the motherboard, and I hope it works and does not cause a fire Hahaha

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My engine does work, but since it is direct when the battery is connected, the gun is operated by itself, what could it be, I will have to check the wiring, right?

The motherboard you’re referring to must be the trigger mechanism/switch (Since you’ve bypassed it, there is no need to pull the trigger to complete the circuit since it is now always a completed circuit)

Found this which has a similar design, maybe it’ll help? (Seems like there’s a fuse-type part that can be fixed/replaced if it’s damaged)

Edit: If you want, you can try sending us a picture of the “fuse” (from a good angle to see the inner workings) mentioned and maybe one of the guys here will be able to see if it’s actually the problem and if it’s salvageable or not?

if I do weld a cable, I should not desolder it and see if it works, it already works but it activates itself when connecting the battery, I will watch the video