M4 punisher trigger

hey all i have just got myself a m4 punisher v1 and i have noticed the trigger is not very responsive with both 7.4v and 11.1v batteries is there anything i can do to fix this as i like using semi auto and i can get maybe 4 shots off then it miss fires twice if anyone has any tips that would be amazing

what sort of batteries do you have?

brand & mah

the 7.4v is a ZT i think not many indicators as to brand its a 2000mah the 11.1v is a LJ a think 2000mah
sorry not much help im not sure as to what im looking at to be honest as this is my first blaster

i’d probably start with a decent battery and reassess.

can’t go wrong with turnigy nano 1200.


thanks mate i will hit up one of the stores near me see if they have anything and might look into a aluminium barrel while im there

Consider stainless…

Definitely cosider your gel options when selecting a barrel ID.

as in size differences in gels or just the types of gels i have about 50k of austech hardened milkys at the moment i was told they are good and i will look into stainless