M401 gearbox housing recommendations

Gday all,

As per the title i’m looking for a stronger gearbox housing and posibly a receiver. My current GB housing is cracked, receiver is fine just looking for a black one.
What are some recommendations for these ?

Cheers WhiteYeti.

All good going to have hold off now laptop just shat itself funds needed there, looks like the M401 is in temporary retirement.

There isnt a budget solution for the wells. Mine is in pieces for when that day comes. M4A1 have a me tr al housing for $200 but the internals will need replacing. GBA have the Jackhammer, an insane drop in solution.

GL with the laptop bud!

I glued the cracks up with this after recommendations from my neighbor who does alot of remote planes.

I will allow it to dry for the recommended time of 3 days

I shortened my spring to the same lenght as the orignal

By cutting it a tad longer and heating it up to bend the end to get a flatter end. I used a this to heat it up
I’ll post the results after it is fully assembled and operational. P.S the upgraded sping was a 1,3 lengthened one that comes with the stage 2 kit. Not a 1.4 like i stated earlier.
Sorry for the long post but hopefully it may help someone out in the future.

Cheers WhiteYeti.

@TriggerHappy rates the Q Bond


I hope this works out for you… but my personal experience says it will probably break again on the glued part.

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More than likely LowGuido more of a experiment for ne i guess. Might just run the softer spring till i get my hands on a new housing, hopefully it can tie me over till then. Nothing ventured nothing gained :joy:.
P.S cool vids on the Wells builds you done.

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I got a metal gear box housing with all metals gears installed from Donnybrook Gel ball shop + a upgraded motor
Easy drop in install as all the hard work is done . And still have the original as a back up if ever needed . Lot of extra weight in the gun feels great .
Only problem I have now is the cheap gels are not as accurate due to my guess higher rate of fire and FPS , so will have to source better quality
And the 11.1v 2000 amp STD get warm
And the prime actually works correctly

Similar position here. I have an APS box and I’m really looking forward to it just being reliable weekend after weekend.

I’m surprised your box is still intact @LowGuido!

Well funny you should mention it because a hairline crack has developed in the box, so yeah metal one coming soon. You say you got it from donnybrook?

Yeah . Had all the gearing preinstalled just had to drop in

Black looks good in behind the clear

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Cost me a couple hundred and after watching your YouTube on how to pull apart it dropped in easy.
Now maybe a tighter barrel and a better battery mentioned gets warm after awhile.

WY, If you want a spare box for your Well M401 i purchased a box and had a motor thrown in free from X-Force.
76.00 for box,motor,6x7mm bearings,metal spring guide is a a bargain in my book.
Now i can finish the upgrade in my M4 with a spare box to refer to and fall back on.
I’ve allmost talked myself into buying another M4.
I like the ease of removal of spring and box from reciever.
I still have the standard spring in it as like you the 1.3 was too long.
My M4 is firing blue gels 40+ mtrs with a hopup and the blue gels are still closely grouped.
All the other gels colours fire in every direction,even without the hopup.
Barrel must be a perfect match to the blues.

Hi, what type of gold cylinder are you using?