M401 gel blaster review and gearbox upgrade (POWERFUL)

I take a look at the well M401 and install the gearbox upgrade.
available from gelballmod.com: Upgrade kit for new Well M401

Topics covered in this episode:

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Hey @LowGuido,
I’ve just completed an install of exactly the same parts you did in your video, but that has left me a little disappointed. The FPS changed from around 230fps (which was already disappointing as a stock Wells blaster with a green o-ring) to 240fps. I was sure that with the replacement of the ported cylinder, an o-ring upgrade, a set of metal gears, and a longer 1.3 spring that I would get a much better result - maybe up near 300fps? Any suggestions? Should I be looking for an air leak somewhere that might be letting me down? Where to start?
Any hints would be appreciated.

From my experience you can buy 10 of the same type of blaster and get 10 different results. The wells that I had was pretty epic out of the box.
So I was pretty lucky in that respect.
Its worth checking all the seals from the o ring to the cylinder head, nozzle and T piece.
Every bit counts.


Thanks for the reply - I and my son are big fans of your videos. I’ve pretty much narrowed it down to air leakage between the new cylinder I put in and the cylinder head, which is the original cylinder head that came with the blaster. It fits fine and doesn’t leak air when I do the piston push seal test in my hands, but once it all sits in the blaster it does leak at the joint. Should I be putting some Loktite or other sealant to seal the cylinder to the cylinder head? You didn’t show what you did (or didn’t do) in your Wells upgrade video

Wrap a few round of Teflon tape eventually will solve the leakage. Loktite only suitable for metal to metal parts. I’ve tried put some blue loktite onto screw thread but when tighten to the plastic parts (example gear shell) tends to harden and easily crack. So no more loktite since.

Guy’s I’m about to upgrade my Wells M4, what grease and oil should I use and is it available in a store or do I need to get it online?

i was using standard bunnings / repco lubes and my builds were performing ok

since moving to lubes i got off the shelf @ CEH I have not had to do as much maintenance

particularly around air seals and leaks

Thanks Hamish but what is CEH? Are these silicon based as I was watching Low Guido and it appeared that’s what he was using.

command elite.

i happened to be there and though why not.

could just have easily been GBA or TEH or donnybrook or…

Low Guido would be the chap to emulate if you want a reliable outcome

Ah ok I’ll try M4a1 as w3 have one in town thanks.