M405 MRT, MK V2 and a relaxing afternoon

Picked up a MRT for the daughter a few weeks back. Managed to rummage through the parts bin and piece together a box with APS internals (failure inevitable), a bruisemaster 35cm Barrel and an X-force high torque motor.

Enjoyed working on this one. Solid receiver and foregrip. I made a few small mods to the front of the lower receiver for ease of service. Cutting a hole so the T piece can slide through, enabling the whole top of the receiver removable without the barrel Tpiece dance.

Stock spring and 80% ported cylinder still pumping out 260fps.
Daughter stoked, so that’s a win :metal:


Yes, it is very sneaky, and quite right of you to make sure that your children have lesser blasters than you… It is very important that you can’t be out g*nned by your own children…

I would go as far as installing a ‘remote cut out’ on theirs so if they attempt to ‘pew pew’ you… you can push a button on a remote and their blaster won’t fire :grin:

If you build your kids a blaster that is too good, or too reliable… you may find yourself in a world of pain… badluck

Well done! pop


@BigWeetBix, is that nozzle a v2 with a Wells rubber tip on it?

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Yep… maybe. The Kublai jimmy combo was picked up from RPM Blaster

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Okay, I’ll take that as a “I think so / not really sure” :grin:

Agree with you on the sturdiness of them. The way the handguard attaches to the receiver makes it very solid.

Let me grab the verniers out and compare it to the V2 ones that came on the APS boxes.

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It looks like this v2 nozzle with a Kublai rubber tip

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Trust you to find it :grin:

Yeah, when I think about it, I’ve never seen a Wells alloy nozzle with a coloured tip. I thought it may have been one of those “hybrid” ones you can’t get anymore.

That’s it. The nozzle outer is 7mm

Rattler can you source the rubber tips?

Not the Kublai tips but these might work ?

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Tried those without joy