M4A1 35cm barrel what size handguard would suit it

I have a JM M4a1 gen8 which I have just bought a 35cm alloy barrel for and am wondering what size handguard would suit it the best?

12 inch (about 30cm) is traditional …

Thanks for your response and that will allow me to put the triangle sight back on with no issues?

No sure about gen8, but if it’s the same design as gen9 plastic one, then no.
There is 4 small locator notch thing u need to file down for metal barrel since they dont have the hole

If u have a metal one then they ok, they clamp onto the thicker part of the outer barrel

Yeah sweet I’ll be putting a metal upgraded one on it for sure

For that you need either a short handguard (M4 style, like the one that comes with the Gen8/gen9), or one with a front sight post cutout (FSP) like this one

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i love the MRE RAS quad :heart_eyes:
keeps the short(er) barrel setup while still have extra rail at the front to mount lights and other accessory

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Will have a look thanks

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That sounds good too more choices than I thought thanks heaps guys

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Problem with gen8 tho is almost all after market handguard needs an adaptor, and there’s many different types.
Some do come with one as combo but some dont, so if you haven’t done research into that yet look it up before u purchase a handguard :smiley:

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