M4A1 cosmetic mods question

Hi everyone! Just getting into the Gel blasters world.
I am getting myself a JM M4A1.
I want to cosmetically modify it right away, so I’ve ordered this stuff from Aliexpress:


Buffer tube

There is actually more stuff, but I can’t paste more than 2 links.

So I am just curious if these things are going to be okay to install on my blaster or I went ahead of myself and ordered something that I shouldn’t have?


If you got the adapter with the hand guard that should work. buffer tube wont fit.
Does your buffer tube twist off?

I don’t think the handguard comes with an adapter. What kind of adapter do I need?
My buffer tube at the moment is the stock one.

Is it a Gen 8 or a Gen 9 M4?

It is a Gen 8 M4. Sorry, I thought I mentioned it in the first post.

I am fairly sure the buffer tube will not fit then as it has a long bolt fixture where the Gen 8 attaches in a different way.

The handguard will def need an adapter of some sort. Sorry not sure what it would be for those handguards.

So is there any other way to replace the buffer tube with a metal one?

Yes just search for gen 8 metal buffer tubes

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Thanks Rattler! And do you know if that handguard would fit or I would also need an adapter for that?

Only if you have a gen8 handguard adapter to adapt it and also a suppot ring for the muzzle end of the handguard.

Best to search eBay for gen 8 fish bones

I found that when you put a metal buffer tube on a plastic receiver you end up with a VERY weak point on your blaster at the join. Mine snapped rather quickly during heavy use. Good luck.

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So you’re suggesting not doing that? And as far as I know metal receivers are not allowed?

No, not saying dont do it just saying if you do be mindful that there is a weak spot there at the junction of the buffer and the receiver. It wont flex far at the joint and screwing the grub screw into plastic weakens it further. Just be careful with it after installation. Have fun!

All right, I’ve received an outer barrel + adapter ring:

But the outer barrel looks just like a simple piece of pipe with the same diameter all along. The diameter is a couple millimeters wider that the stock plastic barrel. Also the surface scratches very easily.
In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsaW2Rjd1qw the guy has a different barrel that’s got that specific tip.
So I am wondering if I should even use that barrel or maybe I should get another one? I also want to attach a hop-up (DK J8s) to the barrel, so this is another question - will it fit?

Okay, I am still collecting outer mods.
Is it worth it to swap the default Gen8 nylon receiver to the XM316 receiver?
Is XM316 any better (I understand it’s a split receiver, which is good, but does it have any other advantages)?