M4a1 front sight swapable?

Is there a foldable replacement sight for the stock front sight on the M4A1? I have a reflex sight coming and am not wanting the front sight on anymore but do not like the look of the barrel without it being there.

Thanks .

Pic just to clarify what I’m talking about


Heaps of different ones on Ali Express. I’m getting the ones below for my M249

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Do these get taken by customs occasionally? Or all arrive no problems?

Dunno, I hope not, I’ve got a shitload of parts coming.

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I haven’t seen anything apart from the metal replacement, which looks the same. Just get the saw and cut it down. :scissors:


Found this, might work


can you post the link for that

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Just got my first Ali Express order delivered for picatinny rail covers, so maybe customs isn’t a problem

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Sweet, i purchased the above foldable sight so fingers crossed. Prices seem half decent on there too :ok_hand:

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That foldable iron sight is mad

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Hopefully it’ll be as good as it looks :crossed_fingers:

Easy enough to install. Looks the goods IMO

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What’s your blaster made of nylon ,plastic or metal?

Also is your gen 8 or 9 does it matter for the handguards? And is there any extra parts you need to fit them ?

Mine is gen 8. The part the sight sits on is plastic, only thing i had to do was get a thick flat blade screw driver and bend open the metal tabs on the sight you fit onto the barrel. Easy enough to close back up with a rag and pliers then it’s held on with Allen screws

Yo, undo the 4 screws holding It in place, carefully pull part into 2, Replace with what ever u want. I used a hk silencer with an extended inner alloy barrel.